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Last night, I went to the sold-out show at The Roxy headlined by Morningwood (MySpace), with openers Rocket (MySpace) and Hello Stranger (fka Vagenius, MySpace), and holy shit, now I know why JAX at Rock Insider hearts Morningwood so much.

Besides lead singer Chantal’s stage charisma and abundance of energy, there was great rocking music of course, but throw in a rowdy yet appreciative and enthusiastic crowd, as well as tons of boob-grabbing, hot female topless action, and three Suicide Girls(!), and combined, it easily falls into my top five list of best ever live shows.

I’ll let her report on the wackiness, because she has the gift of gab, and I fare better at taking photos than notes (as it was, I was distracted by the presence of an ultra-smokin’ hot blonde standing near me, who was a dead-ringer for exblogger Elisha Cuthbert, and who kept inadvertantly brushing one of her boobs against my arm):

Morningwood threw down one of their top 5 shows EVER last night at The Roxy. When I mean ever I mean EVER! I’ve seen at least 50 MW shows in the last few years. It was their first ever headlining gig in LA and they SOLD THE FUCK outta that venue.

The band whipped the crowd into a frenzy with their instrumental opener “Good Morningwood.” They immediately plowed into “Nu Rock” and “Televisor” and the packed house sang along to every word.

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Morningwood played “Everybody Rules” for the first time in 4 months and FINALLY (FINALLY!!!) rocked “Babysitter” live. Babysitter is a hidden jem on their debut album (track 8 people). The rock circus continued with Chantal stealing cameras from the audience, starting a grind pit in the audience, 2 sisters going completely topless for “Take Off Your Clothes” and one crazy fan jumping up on stage during “Jetsetter.”

By the time the band had left the stage the audience was going bizzerk. Morningwood came back and played “NY Girls” and for the first time ever LIVE “Knock On Wood.” 3 lovely ladies from the Suicide Girls hopped on stage in Morningwood panties and “It’s Tits” tank tops to throw confetti at the crowd and continue the melee for another 3 minutes and 14 seconds.

Finally the curtain came down, the show was over….and still abt 200 fans sat and screamed at the curtain for more. alas, no second encore. COME’ON GUYS that shit is exhausting!!

After the show Chantal met Phil from Motorhead who was in the audience and loved every second of the show. He whipped out his cell phone and dialed up Lemmy – who is one of Chantal’s biggest idols. Chantal talked to him on the phone for a minute and then he invited her over to the Rainbow Room for a drink. We packed out and strolled over. Sure enough at the end of the bar was Lemmy parked in front of video poker looking like his total bad ass self. Chantal was awstruck. Lemmy bought her a vodka cranberry. The perfect end to a perfect night.


Meanwhile, Chantal reported on the show from her POV:

los angeles was. . .seriously. . .

the fucking bead of sweat on the most amazing breasticle titties tits of nipples.

the energy for our first west coast headlining show was undeniable. the feeling was rabid and i caught it and i was foaming at the mouth and it made me need to move and hustle, it went by too quickly. i wanted marry it. i am addicted. amazing, and thank you.

love forever till death do us part (for those of you there, we did make a promise to one another and that was how it ended even though i didn’t get to finish it), cc

p.s. i would just like to add that phil from motorhead came and loved the show and LEMMY FUCKING BOUGHT ME A DRINK!!! HOLY SHIT! I CAN DIE IN PEACE!! AND I AM NOW STARING AT A PLASTIC BEAR FILLED WITH HONEY SIGNED BY LEMMY!! YOWZA!!


As for Hello Stranger (mentioned here previously), they rocked the house as usual (despite lead singer Juliette’s technical problems with her Moog keyboard) and got the crowd all revved up and psyched for Morningwood.

Their setlist:

  • “After All”
  • “Take It To The Maxx”
  • “Robody” (new)
  • “Es Tu Vida”
  • “Which Side”
  • “Don’t Take It Lying Down”

Their first album comes out later this month, and they have their second residency at Spaceland in June (at their first residency, they sold a different EP for each show and I’m still trying to get ahold of them all, like Pokemon).

I’m still amazed that I’ve been going to their shows for over two years now. Has time flown by that fast?


As for Rocket, I have to say I was pleasantly surprised by their performance, and I’m sure my friends are wondering why I hadn’t photographed their shows earlier.

UPDATE: Photo galleries of Morningwood, Hello Stranger, and Rocket are now up.

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  1. I hope the person who wrote this is no older than 12 and just doesn’t know any better.

  2. “los angeles was. . .seriously. . .the fucking bead of sweat on the most amazing breasticle titties tits of nipples.”

    Chantal is like Hemingway and Roseanne Barr rolled into one.

  3. Love the pics man. You’re starting to give me the itch to shoot shows now. Damn it.

  4. Beopenguin: You should see the other photos that I took from that night that I haven’t had a chance to post yet. Hopefully by the end of this weekend.

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