4 thoughts on “East Meets West on Saturday”

  1. I find this “art” disgusting. I know that people are open to interpret art as they please, but when one of the artists is soliciting for lactating or pregnant women, barely legal, etc. for penetration shots, you gotta raise an eyebrow. Why don’t some of you blogging.la gals send in your fully nude front and back polaroids?

  2. Dave is soliciting for models of legal age to be photographed doing things he describes for them beforehand. Should they choose to participate, that is THEIR CHOICE.

    Just like it’s your choice to look elsewhere.

    And I don’t have to show my own cooter in order to support others’ rights to show theirs.

    I don’t know why people like Terri think only their opinion deserves respect.

  3. I’m curious what part of Terri’s comment indicates she only thinks her opinion deserves respect? It read to me like a clear and polite statement of her opinion only, open for rebuttal, which you provided.

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