Burgertime With Artie Lange…

On Tuesday’s edition of The Howard Stern Show, Howard and Artie Lange had a brief conversation about burger chains in L.A.:

Artie: “Somehow, Los Angeles supports *eight* different burger chains. I don’t know how that’s possible.”

Howard: “What’s the big one out there?”

Artie: “Well, In-and-Out is a big one… Well, they have McDonald’s and Burger King but they also have In-and-Out, Fatburger… Astro Burger.”

Howard: “What’s the best one?”

Robin: “And then Jack-in-the-Box(?) is still–”

Artie: “Jack-in-the-Box is still there, and Carl’s… Right around the corner from where we shot MadTV there was an Astro Burger. Oh my god! It was *so* fucking good!”

Howard: “Is that the best?”

Artie: “…to me it was. It was right by the Paramount lot and there was like only three or four Astro Burgers. In-and-Out is great…”

Audio here (2:49:22, 495.76k).

So they mentioned seven burger chains:

  • McDonald’s
  • Burger King
  • Carl’s Jr.
  • Jack-in-the-Box
  • In-and-Out
  • Fat Burger
  • Astro Burger

Notable omissions include Wendy’s and Tommy’s.

Does Fuddrucker count?

And a friend said Arby’s doesn’t count since they serve roast beef.

Any others?

(Listening to this talk about burgers, dammit, now I’m hungry.)

15 thoughts on “Burgertime With Artie Lange…”

  1. 5000 – nearest sonic is anaheim, and it’s the only one (!!). otherwise there are a bunch in bakersfield…fitting, since that was the okie landing strip and sonic is based out of OKC.

  2. I suppose you could add Johnny Rocket’s to the list. Fat Burger is the best chain in my opinion, but there’s plenty of great one-off places: Apple Pan and Cassell’s are old school; SaMo has The Counter and Father’s Office; Pie ‘n’ Burger and The Bucket in Pasadena and Eagle Rock…

  3. I’m not going to mention all the great one-off burger joints in Los Angeles (you could create a whole Metroblogging just about that), but there are two chains ignored:

    Hamburger Hamlet

    Tops of course serves lots more than hamburgers, and I don’t know if Sherrie really meant Hamburger Hamlet instead of Habit (which I’ve never seen), but there you go.

  4. This post is so appropriate! My boyfriend and I only recently had this conversation: Just as pizza is to New York, cheesesteaks are to Philly, hot dogs are to Chicago, BBQ is to Texas and po’boys are to NOLA… is Los Angeles the burger city of the U.S.? I’m thinking yes, because hot damn, do we know how to do ’em.

  5. Great “one-of-a-kind” burger places (besides those listed in the above comments like Apple Pan & Pie ‘n’ Burger):

    -Jack’s Classic in “West Toluca Lake”
    -The Munch Box in Chatsworth
    -The Burger Palace in South L.A.

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