Wanna feel smart?


Oh yeah. PEOPLE Magazine.

Are you in a doctor’s waiting room? Did you forget your knitting?

Why not pass the time with – um – People Magazine’s Super Challenging Crossword Puzzle!

New York Times be damned, at least 80% of the answers to People’s puzzle have ONLY THREE LETTERS. Seriously, it got to be funny – nearly every single answer (minus Patricia Arquette’s name, which was split up between two clues) had only three letters.

A few had four letters, and I believe the only other long word was PHANTOM (of the Opera, natch). I did the whole puzzle with a Sharpie, and as fast as I could fill in the boxes.

Thanks, People! Me feel am super-smartie!

3 thoughts on “Wanna feel smart?”

  1. Being stuck in a waiting room without my knitting sounds like hell. Or possibly purgatory. A nightmare, anyway.

    I’m so glad the midwife comes to me for appointments.

    Although…I do like feeling super-smart.

  2. Too bad it takes my roommate an afternoon to do that crossword puzzle. And she still has to ask me for help.

  3. I love how very few People magazine stories require you to turn a page. By love I mean, OH JEEZE THIS MAGAZINE IS FOR ONE-CELL ORGANISMS.

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