New CCW Forum for CA Residents

You know I’ve got a lot more to say about this but with time short today I didn’t want to let this slide. There’s a new forum for CCW advocates in California online at Most notable for people in LA would be the General Discussion and Los Angeles County sections. There are also breakouts for every other county in the state if you don’t actually live in LA County and want to talk to people in your area or find out what the local scoop is. The LA Forum is already getting some good posts with a note about Ken Masse who is running for Sheriff against notoriously anti-CCW Sheriff Baca, as well as a fantastic letter to Assemblyman Lieu written by one of the board users named glennh10 which gets right to the heart of the CCW issue here in CA. He writes:

Dear Assemblyman Lieu:

Liberalization of the right-to-carry procedures for handguns in California is sorely needed. I’m sure you realize that every person in California has an inherent right to defend themselves against criminal assault. As a result, every qualified person as well should have at their disposal the most effective tool of self defense, a concealed handgun, if they so choose. In the 36 states that have passed “shall issue” right-to-carry/concealed-carry laws, crime rates have declined. Criminals are discouraged when they don’t know who is armed. These 36 states require that carry permits be issued to all applicants who meet uniform standards established by the state legislature, regardless of whether the applicant is a celebrity “in the public eye”, or not. This is a smart move, since it is not just celebrities, politicians, and the like who could be victims of violent crime. Far from it. The current policy in California of “discretionary” issuance results in politicians, movie stars, sports figures and other people of influence acquiring permits, while the average woman or man who is equally or more likely to be a target of violent crime is most often denied; issuance or denial being at the discretion of the local sheriff or police chief. In addition, a concealed firearm “evens the odds”; it provides the greatest help and protection to the weakest and most vulnerable of society.

The current “discretionary” issuance policy is both archaic and discriminatory. And, as you can imagine, it is also subject to abuse. I ask that you introduce a bill in Sacramento to establish objective “shall-issue” right-to-carry procedures for handgun carry in California, similar to the majority of other states that have already done so. Thank you for your understanding and assistance in addressing this need.

6 thoughts on “New CCW Forum for CA Residents”

  1. i don’t know about everyone else, but i’d feel a helluva lot safer if i knew that the law-abiding and responsible among us were able to carry, not just the rich & influential and those with no regard for the law.

  2. People on freeways are nuts as is. Give them the legal right to carry a gun with them and I think we’ll all be in trouble.
    Though I would love to be able to walk around town with a revolver strapped to my hip. (when does Deadwood start back up again?)

  3. I have friends in Texas with CCW permits, and they’re very responsible. As I recall, they’ve said it’s actually reduced some of the problems with unregistered weapons, and it keeps the crime rate down.

    I wouldn’t carry, but should rapper bodyguards be the only ones who can? 8-)

  4. My parents had CCW permits in Texas due to the neighborhood going downhill fast. Local Tongan gangs used to tag the side our house and hassle my pops while he was doing yard work. They are extremely responsible people as were most people I met who they issued to. I wish I could say that about Arizona where it seems to be legal to wear them on the hip like a gunslinger. So move there David.

    Little torn though for LA. Not alot of “grown ups” here. First time Celebrity X fires into the air coked up, it’s gonna be all over. But I guess we could look forward designer hostles and Paul Frank branded revolvers.

  5. Like the man said, “An armed society is a polite society.”

    I’d love to be able to get a CCW but in the interim whenever I feel I’d be safer with a gun I carry one.

    Another good quote: “Better to be judged by twelve than carried by six.”

  6. For me the issue isn’t so much that I feel safe or don’t feel safe, and it’s not even that I want to carry a gun. I have a CCW permit in over 20 other states where I can legally carry and wouldn’t risk a felony charge (which would forfit my right to own a gun) by carrying where I wasn’t licensed – for me it’s more that the current system makes it very clear that most law abiding citizens are unarmed. I don’t like laws that give the bad guys the upper hand.

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