Police Officers vs. Protesters in MacArthur Park

I was just about to post a link to our public flickr group to point out some of the great images many readers submitted yesterday when received a submission from Marc Brown at Buzznet pointing to the videos posted last night by 22 year old Buzznet user Mark Oshiro, whose buzznet profile is called Panasonicyouth.

While this is only one side of the story, and a perfect example of when an LAPD Blog would be useful (it’s coming shortly), it seems that at least there was a bit of a scuffle between protesters and police in MacArthur Park last night.

lapdvideostill.jpgHe posted 3 videos which were taken around 9:30PM and posted about an hour later [ one | two | three ] which are kinda low res (being that that they were filmed with a phone) but you can clearly see people in the street, police officers rushing into them, what looks like flags being thrown at the cops, and then people being hit. Since Mark was the one who took the videos, it might be better to read his commentary since he knew what he was filmming. On the first video he writes:

“LAPD swarm and beat/kick an unarmed protestor. Perhaps one of the most frightening things I’ve ever seen, the police storm the protestors again for the second time. Watch closely; you’ll see one Hispanic male start to run, and then you’ll see the LAPD pick one guy and begin to hail him with clubs and kicks. He falls to the ground, assumes the fetal position, and continues to get beat/kicked for another 10-15 seconds. Watch the LAPD and the sheriffs throw people out of the way who try to come to this guy’s aid. He was bleeding quite a bit from his head, but I couldn’t get close enough to film that. One of the sheriff’s had a billy club pointed at me.

The worst part of this video is when the group who are helping the wounded man out of the way. Watch closely and you can see an LAPD officer run in and hit an innocent good samaritan with his/her club. Disgusting.”

See the rest of his videos and first person commentary here. Kevin at LA Observed is talking about this as well. Also there is a huge round up of coverage, including this event on BoingBoing.

14 thoughts on “Police Officers vs. Protesters in MacArthur Park”

  1. Wow! I found it interesting that almost 50% of LAUSD students skipped class for this demonstration. What was the most interesting it that 48% of Hispanics drop out of school before they graduate……Any connection?

    By the way, I still don’t agree with people being hit for no reason.

  2. This is quite disturbing. The channel 7 news briefly (I mean briefly) aired a video showing LAPD hitting a protester repeatedly.

    I heard that people were not able to disperse from the area quickly because the buses they were promised did not arrive. Apparently, buses were suppose to drop people off at certain designated areas. This is all hear say, so who knows if that was the case.

  3. I’m more impressed that the video was shot at 9:30 but he was able to go home, compress, and upload it by 10:30.

    Would be good to see some higher res video to see exactly what happened here. Cops were mellow all day, and I try and give them the benefit of the doubt. From the video I see kids tossing things and antagonizing the police, plus bashing in windows. On its own no excuse to hit anyone with a billy club, but it does make me wonder what else was happening that the camera didn’t catch.

  4. David – that’s kind of why I said this is just one side of the story and I’ve asked my contacts at the LAPD to respond here about it. As for the video, I think this was shot on a camera phone and uploaded directly, so no compression or other versions exist.

  5. Sean: Was just agreeing with you.
    As for better quality video – I did see a kid carrying an Canon XL-1 in some of the video – I wonder if he was able to tape any of what happened?

  6. Let me just say that I was able to monitor the command process and the Rock and Bottle throwing started an hour or two before the video was shot. I also saw the video on FOX and the cops let the crowd throw stuff for a few minutes before the chased down the individuals themselves. Also, the cop hit the guy a few times until he got his hands showing, he did not continue to beat him.

    The police used an enormous amount of restraint dealing with the crowd. I for one will back the cops on this one….

  7. Oh my….so a rock-throwing Aztl√°nian caught the vapors.

    Ooo…how very “disgusting”.

    Too bad the LAPD isn’t allowed to inquire about his immigration status.

  8. Yes…I’m a terrible, terrible racist gringo for implying that we should do background checks on ALL arrestees…including honkies.

    But then again, most brown-skinned people I know don’t make a habit of throwing rocks at police officers.

  9. Nope, Sondra, you’re a terrible, terrible racist gringo for writing and believing terribly racist things.

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