One Of Silver Lake’s Mysteries

Pole VaultI’ve been intrigued by these curiosities since I first found them back in 2003. There were a couple on Hyperion and there was one at the end of the block I currently live on, but eventually they disappear, victim to either vandalism, city removal or perhaps the selfish appreciation of those who want it for their very own.

The subject matter of the rudimentary oil (or acrylic)-on-wood works is power poles. Always. And most always they’re mounted to power poles, such as this one pictured above on Sunset. I’m not sure if this one’s a recent installation or if it has been hanging around awhile and I just got around to noticing it today, but either way I’m glad I found it. Anyone know anything about the artist or their history… or seen any others around?

Larger version of the photo is here on Flickr.

10 thoughts on “One Of Silver Lake’s Mysteries”

  1. Thanks David. I figured this artist had to have gotten some coverage somewhere, but I tried several search keyword combos trying to drum up some info… no luck.

  2. Whoa… bad grammar in my last comment. Anyway, I was trying to say I thought I saw this online a year or so ago. I’ll try and track this down and rattle my brain. Neat stuff no doubt.

  3. It’s not just a Silver Lake thing. You can find them in Hollywood and downtown as well. There used to be one outside of sixspace I think.

  4. There’s been one across from the Daily Planet at Franklin & Tamarind for quite a while, too.

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