Hey – What the Hell Are You Doing At Work? (open thread)

Dear blogging.la Reader:

Thanks for not boycotting the internet or Metroblogging today. Really, we appreciate it.

Now, please drop us a note here in the comments and let us know how the Great American Boycott / Day Without An Immigrant / Protests are affecting your day so far.

Are you the only one in the office? Was traffic bad? Are the streets eerily silent? Are you chilling it at home? Are you silently contemplating organizing your own Minutemen militia? Are you gearing up to attend the protests? Or are you making other plans of any sort in anticipation of the street closures and marches?

In short, let us know what you see going on during this historic day in Los Angeles’ history…

UPDATE (10:14pm): From the comments, Marshall and Pedro reports that Latino business are closed out of solidarity, Don Hosek found traffic to be signigantly lighter, and Red Raven loved the empty buses: “…if this is what it means not to have illegal aliens and having the luxury of services we pay for and don’t get because of the overcrowding… let them find their way back to wherever they come from.” Jennifer reports that she was told the reason some tile layers didn’t show up at her house was because today “is some kind of holiday for the Latin people.”

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44 thoughts on “Hey – What the Hell Are You Doing At Work? (open thread)”

  1. streets are eerily silent on wilshire and i can’t figure out when they’re gonna block the street for the march. all the places i went to get my early-morning snacks from are closed. please don’t let me be trapped here.

  2. Down here in Pedro many of the Latino businesses are closed, some with signs indicating solidarity with the marchers. It’s still early, and I haven’t seen any sign of the Troqueros planned boycott and protest. In the past they have blocked/deliberately slowed down traffic on the 47 freeway & the bridge, but that hasn’t happened yet.

  3. My commute from Olympic/La Cienega to CSULB normally takes a bit over an hour from driveway to office. My best time ever was an hour. I did it today in 45 minutes.

  4. I’m at USC and the streets seemed really quiet on the way to work. One of my coworkers stayed home today, but I’m not sure if it’s because of the protest.

    We’re having some tile installed in our house, but they’re not working today. The (Israeli?) sales rep told us that it was because today “is some kind of holiday for the Latin people.”

  5. All is quiet at 6th & Spring…from windows you can see a few folks walking towards Broadway wearing white t-shirts and baggy blue jeans.

    The traffic today was GREAT, and no problem finding a seat on the MTA or DASH buses…this is TERRIFIC…if this is what it means not to have illegal aliens and having the luxury of services we pay for and don’t get because of the overcrowding…well, let them find their way back to wherever they come from…I am loving this!

  6. Most store-fronts in Little Tokyo closed. Broadway is like a sleepy Sunday morning. Even the iconic Grand Central Market is closed.

  7. Ahhh…a day w/o traffic. While fully supportive of comprehensive immigration reform, I can’t help but express a little glee at my considerably shortened commute this morning. The usual 35-40 was a just 15 minutes. Gosh, if there was a just a reasonable way to have my hand-picked strawberries and eat them too…

  8. Its been pretty quiet over here at 5th & Flower. I park my car at a lot on 6th & Beaudry and it was virtually empty. My office is usually quite busy (phones ringing off the hook, people coming and going) but today it feels like a holiday.

    I’m thinking of walking over to city hall at noon.

  9. Century City is pretty quiet but although we were “warned” that building services may be affected it seems all employees from janitors to parking attendants showed up. As for the attorneys working in the building, they seem to be the ones that took today off.

  10. What?? This is unfair. I work in Hollywood (both in the geographical and business sense) and EVERYTHING IS NORMAL, down to the traffic, the open shops and the office pace.

    I’m also sad that I won’t be able to witness any of the protests. Booooo.

  11. Drove in from Temecula, Ca in record time. As you can imagine here at the LAPD we are preparing for the two marches. At this moment, there are no problem areas, students seem to being staying in school. It should be an interesting day…

  12. Traffic seemed fine this morning, but parking at the office was normal.

    However, this morning it seems the construction site across the street from my house was eerily quiet.

  13. I’m at the 3300 block of Wilshire (right across the street from the Ambassador) 12th floor. My thoughts were that anyone who didn’t have to be here would stay away, and that seems to be the case. Things are pretty quiet in the office and on the street. I brought my camera and I’ll be either street-side or on the roof top taking photos when the protestor’s march by.

  14. It’s quiet as a tomb over at Wilshire/Crenshaw – unusual for a Monday, to be sure. I’m going to wander over in the early evening to check things out. Hope the camera’s working today.

  15. In Downtown LA – the helicopters are starting to fly up and down the Broadway corridor; whistles and horns are starting to be heard east of our location. Employees are asking to leave early due to traffic concerns; we have been told no mail pick-up or Federal Express today. Would love to hear if the numbers expected look like they will pan out . . . back to work . . .

  16. As it so happens, my day job is located on Wilshire Blvd. between La Brea and Fairfax and less than a block away from the La Brea Tar Pits. That’s right, ground zero.

    The company I work at alerted its employees to work from home if at all possible today, but I elected to drive in regardless.

    I have to say the commute was an absolute breeze and there is an eerie quiet in the streeets outside. Like the proverbial calm before the storm (which I know sounds bad but you should’ve seen the other analogies I was going to use but elected not to because it could be misinterpreted as being politically incorrect).

  17. Quiet streets and traffic-free commutes? Is this what the boycott intended?

  18. From the LA Times today:

    “Cardinal Roger Mahony is among those urging people to ignore the “Great American Boycott” or “Day Without Immigrants” scheduled for noon in downtown Los Angeles and instead attend the 6 p.m. rally at La Brea and Wilshire after school or work.”

    Maybe Downtown will be spared from the bigger crowds . . .

  19. 6th & Spring Sts show a little overflow on the west sidewalk only…Saw 4 folks rounding the corner of 6th St headed to Broadway with 4 large MEXICAN flags…guess they didn’t get the message.

    All in all east of Broadway hasn’t been too badly impacted and cars can still travel southbound. Haven’t seen a bus in the only northbound lane though….that would be the 70, 370, 94, 394 and DASH D headed north to City Hall area…

  20. I rode in on the Metrolink, business as usual. I
    should have stayed home anyway, it’s a good NASCAR race on this morning.

  21. Masses of people @ 3rd and Broadway. Sprint closed. El Pollo Loco Closed. Subway was open but the insanely loud crowds forced them to close their doors/gates. Cheers all around. Crazy.


  23. From my highrise perch, I can now see a large sea of white north on Broadway, flowing south from City Hall. Large numbers of people are heading back south and then east along Olive and Pershing Square. The sun is just now beginning to burn through the morning haze . . . . 4-5 helicopters are buzzing about overhead . . .

  24. 1:20 at the 3300 block of Wilshire. I can hear helicopters overhead. I don’t expect to be seeing protesters until about 4:00. When they come I’m going to try and slip away from the office and get out to the street for photos.

  25. i work at wilshire/hope and have noticed a steady stream of people in white shirts and various marching paraphenalia. there are more and more helicoptors buzzing about as the day pushes forward. i did, however, successfully eat mexican food for lunch today.

  26. I walked down to 5th/Broadway at noon but only grabbed my wallet and left my camera phone in the office. I walked with the protesters to Broadway/1st. The energy was amazing! Wish I could have stayed longer.

  27. currently being unemployed I can’t say I stayed home in solidarity.

    My dental appointment did get canceled (they called me over the weekend) because the office is on Wilshire and apparently at the time my appointment was to be the streets will be closed.

    I did see the laundry near us was not taking drop offs but the self serve area was open today.

    Other then that in Hollywood it was business as usual. The bank was PACKED this morning as was Coffee Bean (we left it was so crowded) as was a local coffee shop.

  28. The crowds are heading south on Olive with further density, veeering off the sidewalks, taking over the street, and impeding traffic, which has results in lots of horn honking. Looks like most of the crowd is heading south toward Wilshire for the hike west to MacArthur Park. Can still see laarge crowd north up toward City Hall. Helicopters are north west of City Hall for sme reason . . .

  29. I’ve read the blogs saying the crowd seemed larger than the previous one…from the look of the crowd disbursing down Spring & Main Streets, it didn’t look like it could have been that large – but in the scheme of things who cares.

    This showed me what America could have been like if we would have enforced our own laws. The traffic has been at a minimum, I hear shopping is wonderful at malls, a friend who had to go to urgent care as a fluke…got right in…imagine that!!!

    Nope, as far as myself (and I have to believe others as well) this thing backfired…I’d love to live in a USA without illegal aliens if this is what it means!!!! Guess my kids would have had a classroom with only 20 kids in it also…amazing that they survived with a 1:30 ratio and bilingual teachers teaching half in English/half Spanish – what would their day have been like if they had their classes in all English and what would they have learned???!!!!!

  30. Looks like the last big group from City Hall is heading west on 1st St. Pretty quiet between Pershing Square and there from what I can see . . . The helicopters are elsewhere now . . .

    Hoping for a good commute home . . . !

  31. I hopped on to the end of the median running down the middle of the 3300 block of Wilshire in front of my office buidling as the march approached me. It started out a little thin as I think some eager protesters got a little ahead of the masses. But as the mass of people drew near and parted, they surrounded the island on which I stood and spilled on to the sidewalks and engulfed the boulevard for as far ahead of me as I could see. As a marcher passes me I hear the ruffle of the American flag waving in the strong breeze that courses down the corridor.

  32. Looks like the police are about to re-open the intersection at 1st and Broadway.

  33. Ditto what Red Raven said. On the west side, I had the easiest drive into work that I’ve had in years. Incidentally, I’m not sure that the protests downtown had the quite the effect the organizers hoped for. I heard lots of disgust about it today at work, particularly from my co-workers who’d immigrated here legally.

  34. Red Raven is absolutely right.

    >>This showed me what America could have been like if we would have enforced our own laws. The traffic has been at a minimum, I hear shopping is wonderful at malls, a friend who had to go to urgent care as a fluke…got right in…imagine that!!!

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