Grand Ave to Get Grander


In case you missed it, last week the city unveiled it’s plan to raze all of downtown, hand the remains over to Frank Gehry to rebuild, and officially change the city’s name to Gehryvania. Maybe that’s an exaggeration, but they did unveil the first phase their “Grand Avenue plan” which is essentially the same thing. I’m reserving judgement, but if you don’t like Disney Concert Hall then I suggest you refrain from buying a loft in LA’s up-and-coming downtown. The plan also includes plans for a 49,535 square-foot grocery store at Olive and First. Am I crazy, or is that a big mothertrucker of a grocery store? LAist has some more coverage, including another press photo of Gehry’s dollhouse the model.

5 thoughts on “Grand Ave to Get Grander”

  1. What I ask is being razed? A parking lot? Don’t spout reactionary NIMBYism because you don’t like the design.

  2. I don’t know if anything’s actually being razed. It’s a joke, genius. And because you obviously failed to read the entire post, allow me to point out that I didn’t say I didn’t like the design. I said I’m witholding judgement. But, to be honest, I’m pretty much digging it. So, if you want to point fingers about being “reactionary,” I suggest you take a look in the mirror.

  3. As for the big grocery store – from what I recall, the grocery void has long been the reason given for a failure to secure long term, committed downtown residents. Hell, as someone who used to work downtown, I’d have appreciated a Vons during my lunch break for those “crap, I need a store now” moments.

    I’m not sure what the average square footage is for grocery stores – but it makes sense to building the basics a community needs to flourish otherwise the whole project would be a little doomed, no?

  4. The lack of grocery purchification zones has indeed been a big hurdle. I think they’re building a Ralph’s over by Staples center, and I’ve also heard that Trader Joe’s is supposedly on board to build in Little Tokyo so it looks like that’s about to change.

    Maybe it’s the fact that all people seem to do online is complain, but to clarify I’m not bitching about there being a big grocery store. I’m just pointing out something I saw in that article that seemed interesting to me.

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