Eric Garcetti Mixing it Up with the Protesters

Eric Garcetti amongst the people

I ran in to Eric Garcetti today at the march and grabbed some photos of him. He obviously wasn’t afraid to walk amongst the protesters in front of city hall, commenting that he thought it would be fun to see the protest from ground level instead of from the stage or the office. Don Garza was there too and was nice enough to make the introduction and pose for a photo. Eric complimented me on my photos and I thanked him for responding to the 4 things meme. In other news, LAT photgs play it safe in their ivory tower (yes I am jealous of their vantage point, but oh well).

3 thoughts on “Eric Garcetti Mixing it Up with the Protesters”

  1. He should have asked me to hook him up . I was able to get up to the observation deck. Actually it is always open when the City Hall is open.

    My pictures are up Dave link up so they can see you standing with eric Garcetti

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