Boycott marching Westward

I thought the march would have made it to this part of Wilshire (near Crenshaw) more like 5, but by the sound of the helicopters (first noise here all day!), I think they’re here now.

I’m going to toddle on over and see what’s up. More later…

UPDATE: When I got to Wilshire, the stream of people on both sides of Crenshaw was aready good-sized. A woman I met at the (taped-off, no-pickup-today) mailbox said that the march had been moving past since at least 3 (for a slow-moving march with strollers and families, they hoofed it fast from downtown!) Within a half-hour, there was a wall of people coming from the Eastside as far back as I could see. I’ll be interested to see what the official headcount was.

PHOTO UPDATE: Dave Bullock’s pix are waaaaaay better than mine, but you can see the output from my paleolithic-era, 2MP PowerShot at Flickr, here.