Mister Jalopy’s Wooden Pig

When I met Mister Jalopy for lunch today, this item was on the table before him.
(sorry for the blurring – phonecam + closeup = crap)

Apparently today’s garage sale circuit included a stop at a church rummage sale, where an argument ensued over this very item.

“How Much,” asked Mister Jalopy.

“For the wooden pig? A quarter.”

Not one to be fooled with, Mister J immediately pointed out that the article in question is, in fact, a hippo, and further it is clearly made of good old American plastic.

“I ask that you examine it more closely,” he told her, “and accept my offer of a nickel.”

At this moment, an old woman in a wheelchair overheard the exchange and took it upon herself to inform Mister Jalopy that he was, in her opinion, “a cheapskate.”

What a day. How many of us can even dream to be called cheapskate by an unknown old handicapper? That, friends, is only a part of what it means to be … Mister Jalopy.

3 thoughts on “Mister Jalopy’s Wooden Pig”

  1. Who is Mr. Jalopy? I am new to his exploits. I loved this edition, as I love the feeling of picking up a new-to-me comic book and discovering something like Flaming Carrot.

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