Dodgers offering ten bucks off for upcoming home series

The Los Angeles Dodgers of Los Angeles really want to fill up the stadium when they return home next week for series against the Padres and Astros, so they’re offering a $10 discount for all “Field Level (regular price $30) and Infield Reserve (regular price $20) tickets for the May 3, 4, 10, and 11 games!”

The only catch is that you have to buy them online through TicketBastard. Enter “KRAGEN” next to “Promotions and Special Offers” after clicking the game you wish to attend, and bend over when you hit “submit.”

I’ve been a couple of times already this season, and the Infield Reserve tickets are a great value; twenty bucks for the second deck right behind home plate is awesome.

3 thoughts on “Dodgers offering ten bucks off for upcoming home series”

  1. $20 + $3.00 service charge per ticket + $2.50 to have the tickets emailed to you, seeing as how high the price of email services are.
    (will call is free… because the labor to man these booths are cheap and printing on paper tickets costs nothing).

  2. I always pick my tickets up at Will Call, but I’m curious to use the “print it at home” function. We used that for Halloween Haunt a few years ago, and it was pretty cool.

  3. Wow! Sorry, Wil. I never even knew you had this L.A. focused blog. What I have been missing!



    P.S. I’ve been avoiding the Dodger games because the prices kept going up. This would be a good excuse to go again!

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