We Win!

LA has the dirtiest air in the country! Joy! I used to live in the city with the 2nd cleanest air in the country, Santa Fe, NM. I miss Santa Fe, but there isn’t much going on there which may be why the air is so clean. For Ozone we’re number 2, second to lovely Bakersfield.

3 thoughts on “We Win!”

  1. We may have the dirtiest air in the country, but let us not rejoice too soon — there is still the WORLDWIDE dirtiest air contest to compete for.

    I don’t know where it’s at now, but a couple of years ago the BBC reported that London’s air was officially dirtier than Los Angeles’, and since London’s air was the second dirtiest in Europe, it means that Athens’ air is also, logically, dirtier than ours.

    It also seems plausible to assume that Hong Kong’s air, and probably Tokyo’s air, are also dirtier than ours.

    So, come on, people, let’s damage as many of our exhaust pipes as possible, refuse to drive anything but Hummers, and commute at least ninety miles to work every day. Our only recreational activities should exclusively involve either speedboats, jetskis, dune buggies, motorbikes, or gas-powered lawnmowing. If we work together, we can make LA’s air not just the dirtiest in the country, but in the whole world! Hooray!

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