State Senators Support Great American Boycott 2006

Up in Sactown, our senators just passed a resolution in support of the boycott on monday calling it the Great American Boycott 2006. I will be out on the street on Monday covering it with my trusty Canons. I don’t know what to expect, but I personally hope it will be even bigger the Gran Marcha last month.

6 thoughts on “State Senators Support Great American Boycott 2006”

  1. Personally, I hope you are trampled to death by your crowd of illegals and their supporters. Or by the thousands of cars who will be stuck in traffic while these idiots shout their now politically approved slogans.
    The backlash is coming. Hope you enjoy what you earned.

  2. Shouldn’t legal Americans boycott Mexican restaurants and anything made in Mexico?

    Heeb out

  3. It wouldn’t do any good to give a small historical lesson to these knuckle draggers. They just want to hate no matter what you say, even though they are living in Northern Mexico, and all of THEM are immigrants to this land. lk

  4. This is the a Civil Rights Movement, not just another march. 500,000+ people dont just crowd downtown for nothing.

    All peoples are created equal.

  5. The american people dont understand and dont want to admit that they need the immigrants and that without them there economy fail! They need the immigrants! So stop being in denial and support the cause!

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