SoCentral Farm Update

Every time an opportunity comes up to potentially save the Farm, I gleefully jump up on my soapbox here at to announce it. And I received an update today in my Peak Oil newsletter, that the Trust for Public Land has secured an opportunity to save the Farm – but they must raise $1,000,000 in 30 days. More info is at the South Central Farm page, and you can make your (tax deductible!) donation there.

More soapboxing about Why We Must Save The Farm after the jump.

Here’s my list of reasons for saving the South Central farm:

1) Three hundred families have poured their energy into it. That should be enough.
2) I seriously doubt that the economic output of the proposed warehouses would equal the current output, in economic nutritional value, of the Farm – not just the food, but the health benefits for those urban farmers who may not be able to enjoy those fruits and vegetables otherwise.
3) In the drought-prone area of SoCal, it uses water efficiently. The Farm catches the rain and uses it, rather than allowing the rain to collect poison and run off into the ocean like cement does.
4) In the era of peak oil, when we are trying to cure our addiction to petroleum, the Farm is part of the solution. It is right there, and does not require fossil fuels to transport the harvest to retail outlets (most food travels an average of 1500mi before it gets to you).

Those are the reasons that this matters to me – the Farm could represent new models of sustainability that could really help L.A. in the 21st century. Please – go donate what you can. Even if it’s only a few dollars. There are 24 days left to save the Farm, and I still believe in miracles.