Cinespia at Hollywood Forever Cemetery begins May 6th with “The Maltese Falcon” you’ve never been to Cinespia, aka the Cemetery Screenings, let me fill you in: You watch a movie. At night. In a cemetery.

How much more of a pitch do you need? Need I point out that you’re often watching stars on screen who are also buried only a few hundred feet away?

This year’s screening series launches with The Maltese Falcon on May 6th at 8pm. Gates open at 6:30pm. Admission is a $10 donation which goes toward restoration on the grounds of the Hollywood Forever Cemetery, where the screenings are held.

A few tips those planning on attending: 1. Bring a blanket and a picnic basket… that said, bring a couple of blankets. The ground gets cold and damp over the course of the evening. 2. Arrive early. While gates open at 6:30pm, a number of attendees show up as early as 5pm to be first in line to stake out the best places in the field. 3. Allow plenty of time for parking. 4. Alcohol is allowed. 5. Bring a flashlight!

I’m sure the readers here can also provide some additional insight on making the Cinespia experience even better…

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3 thoughts on “Cinespia at Hollywood Forever Cemetery begins May 6th with “The Maltese Falcon””

  1. Don’t bring tall chairs as they block the view for others and are not allowed. But very low beach chairs are allowed and keep you off the cold ground.
    Also, if you park in the cemetary, plan on being in the line to get out for a bit. Taking the bus or parking off-site and walking are your best bets for a quick exit.

  2. This has become the one thing that many of my friends look forward to about summer in LA. Friday nights watching movies at the cemetery.

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