B.O.S.S. Is Bitchin’ In My Book

I’m quick to gripe when I’m disappointed in a city department’s response so let me be just as quick to sing the praises with a shoutie to the City of L.A.’s Bureau of Street Services (BOSS).

Long have I been bothered by the surface deterioration of the intersection at the north end of my block. But as cracks and potholes and crannies have grown did I do anything about it? Did I alert the media or circulate a petition or pretend to be the responsible and considerate and pro-active neighborhoodnik I consider myself to be? Nah, I just watched the street slowly continue to crumble and shook my head figuring that crying about it would only worsen the bureacracy involved. Silly rabbit. Yesterday, after surveying the advanced no-man’s land that the streets had become, I went to the city’s website, entered “pothole repair” in the search box and I was soon matched up with the BOSS Service Request form that I completed in a matter of moments… though I must admit I muttered something like “ain’t gonna hold my breath” when I clicked the submit button.

Well, I probably could’ve held my breath because returning from a West LA errand earlier this afternoon, instead of turning from Sunset Boulevard ready to take evasive action navigating my bike through the obstacle course my street had become, I found all of its dents and dings topped off and patted down with fresh helpings of asphalt.

Thank you BOSS. Now that’s what I call service!

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  1. Good tip. I’m guessing it’s far more efficient to make us report where things need to be taken care of than have folks drive the streets just looking for trouble spots. And it looks like they respond, which is even better!

  2. Will:

    Our colleagues at the Department of Public Works, Bureau of Street Services (BOSS) are among the hardest working municipal employees.

    As Cybele mentions, knowing about the problem is indeed 9/10ths of the solution. Thanks for doing your part to make the magic happen!

    Should there be any doubt, please know that my LAFD Brothers and Sisters share my high regard for BOSS, often using the BOSS web form to submit our own observations while on-duty.

    As for bookmarks…

    The BOSS is but one of the helpful links that I maintain here:


    …as I mention, BOSS has a *surprising* variety of services to offer. Please take a look and bookmark the link above. I think you will find many helpful resources. If there is something remotely related that I missed, please let me know.

    Brian Humphrey
    Public Service Officer
    Los Angeles Fire Department

  3. Wow! two props. One to Brian Humphrey and Boss and the second to you Will – It always annoys me that people are so quick to complain but slower to compliment.

  4. Also, to note, calling 311 for free can enable you to report issues like potholes, low-hanging limbs, illegal dumpin, or (my favorite as of late) graffiti.

    BSS (as I like to call them) is one of the top city departments both in response and in responsibilty. Thanks for pointing out that they’re good.

    Here’s a City Nerdism for you: Did you know that BSS builds its own bulkheads for hillsides that need retaining?

  5. I take Beverly blvd from Normandie to Larchmont everyday going to work. The potholes along that street are horrible. I never knew where to call and usually forgot abt it as the stress of my work day went on. This morning I watch the poor honda in front of me lose his hub cab as he sunk into a giant pot hole on the corner of western and beverly. I was trying to figure out where to call and popped on b.la for my daily read. Answer Found! Thanks soo much guys!

  6. Can somoeone tell me how much it would cost to get your timing belt changed in a 1999 Toyota Camry?

  7. Leila, You’ll have to pardon my bluntness in answering your incongruous question with another, but why the hell are you asking for cost estimates for automotive repairs from a general-interest website like blogging.la when you should just be taking your car to a repair place or a dealership?

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