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If you are about my age then you probably grew up going to Drive-In movies with your family. You probably couldn’t see anything or hear anything because you were stuck in the back seat with your kid brother (or sister) while your parents monopolized the sweet viewing from the front seat. You probably remember hearing exaggerated make out stories from your friends older siblings that took place at the Drive-In. You probably remember dreaming of the day you go there with some hot chick of your own to not see some movie you didn’t care about. *wink* *wink* You probably also remember that every Drive-In in the country closed up about a week and a half before you were allowed to go there on your own, completely destroying any chance you ever had of getting some action at the movies. Insert immortal words of Nelson Munz here.

But wait! All hope is not lost. The folks behind Hollywood Mob Mov (mobile movie) are out to recreat the Drive-In experience right down to the fogged up windows. With a projector and an FM transmitter built into a car, the MobMov guys just need a parking lot with a big blank wall and presto! Guerilla Drive-in.


Definition of a Mobile Movie
A “mobile movie” or mobmov for short, is quite simply a drive-in that drives-in. Participating in a mobmov is very similar to attending a drive-in from the days of old, except now the projector is located inside and powered by a car, and the audio is piped in stereo over the FM band to your car. It’s a new technological twist to a nostalgic idea.

How do I participate in a MobMov?
Simple. Sign up to our mailing list. Showings will be held at various locations all around the Los Angeles area. The day before each Mob, we’ll e-mail everyone with the location and the movie. If you want to join in, all you have to do is fill your car with your friends and find the spot.

For more info, check out their site, read their manifesto, and follow their blog. [Thanks Jason]

7 thoughts on “At The Drive In”

  1. That sounds cool. Our drive-in back in the Midwest was fancy enough to have the FM transmitter back in the ’80s when I was a kid. When driving past we’d always switch the radio to hear a little bit of the movie.

  2. As a valley kid born and raised I remember the Winnetka 6 (Now the home of a soulless multiplex) fondly. My dad would load up the bed of the old truck with blankets, we’d pick up a Pizza and go catch a double freature sitting in the back staring up at that huge corrugated screen.

  3. I have never been to a Drive-In. I came to the US in 92 by which point the Drive-In was history. I also just read that there’s still a theater in City of Industry and one in Riverside. But i’m really digging the whole guerilla drive in deal. definitely going to sing up on their mailing list. but if you guys are interested in checking out a real oldschool drive-in check

  4. My home town still has a Drive-In theatre as does the city I live in now (though they’ve been threatening to close it for some time), so there is no need for me to do this other than the “coolness factor”.

    The Drive-In theatre in Dryden, ON, Canada has an FM transmitter but the owners have dialed back the power so much that if someone closer to the screen opens their door and they don’t have a door chime but a buzzer, you can hear it through the radio.

    Most of the fun of going to the Drive-In is seeing everyone you know there and eating the very unhealthy food. The picture quality is crappy and so is the sound, but you still like to go.

    I remember when Hunt for Red October came out it wasn’t until it came out on video that we actually got to see the subs! ;)

    Too many memories of going to the Drive-In to list each one here…but this does make me want to go again!

  5. Yeah, there’s still a couple of working drive-ins here in Riverside (well, one is in Roubidoux, technically). One of them is right next to the 60, which is both awesome and distracting when you’re driving by at night.

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