A new kind of parking ‘tard


I don’t know if this class of parking ‘tard / douche / asshat has been categorized by the writers here at blogging.la, so I thought I should bring this to everyone’s attention.

I watched as this guy, with a fuel efficient compact vehicle (pictured above) pulled up to the curb across from the Glassell Park Community Center. Mind you, parking is incredibly limited in the area to begin with, so one would imagine that residents would recognize this fact. Instead, this compact vehicle parked in such a way as to keep a second vehicle from easily parking in front or behind it. (and no, they weren’t parking around motorcycles or other obstructions – I watched as it pulled up.)

Dear people of Los Angeles: while parking inches away from another is not cool, or encroaching on a driveway is uncool, so is parking in a way as to prevent others from sharing the space. Common sense, please. The bloggers are watching you!

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  1. This is a pet peeve of mine. I live on a busy street, with limited parking, and this happens all the time. Get two or three of these guys together and suddenly the neighborhood loses a half-dozen parking spaces. Sometimes it’s not intentional, and the lack of parking marks (in my area) does occasionally make it difficult to guess exactly where the correct place to park really is. But just as often it’s a case like this, where the guy clearly isn’t even thinking about others.

  2. Oh, my gawd, I *loathe* this particular breed of ‘tard.

    In older neighborhoods, every single house is set apart from the next by a driveway and exactly two car-lengths worth of curb. People did this all the time in West L.A. when we were living there, and I mentally keyed every single last one of ’em.

  3. I confess: I caught myself having parked this way once. But only once. I actually realized what I’d done when I returned and was so angry with myself I keyed my own car. That learnt me real good.

  4. What I usually do is pull their windshields up. It does no harm but it makes them more aware of their surroundings. Yes, ok, its an assumption on my part that they’ll think twice next time but it does make me feel like I’m doing something.

  5. UGH! This particular specimen of asshole makes me more angry than any other! When I went to USC and it seemed that there were ten cars for every parking spot (and my parking ticket dollar total approached a semester of tuition!) there was always someone like this to take up two spots (or the more common two-car, three/four spot scenario where two cars leave 90% of a space between each other and in front of/behind the combo).
    I thought it was bad until I moved to a neighborhood in Culver City without street cleaning, thus no need for regular rotation of space. No exaggeration, a broke-down 1965 Mercury and a 80s Datsun did the two-car/three spot thing for 14 months in directly in front of my building! we called the police / DOT but the cars were never cited, thus never moved (finally the mercury disappeared).

    Boo to these lazy bastards who can’t be troubled to be considerate of others in their neighborhood!

  6. Happens in my neighborhood all the time! As it is, parking is at premium…people can be so inconsiderate.

  7. My favorite examples of this are up in SF when it seems to be Mini drivers who just LOVE to park that way.

    Granted, sometimes it might just look like a parking wanker, when really, he or she was squeezed in around other parkers who have since departed, but I think the best rule of thumb is to always pull up as far to one end as possible and at least give fair space-taking your best shot.

  8. I have a proposal:

    Since Metroblogging LA has a sister site dedicated to the arts, why not have one for parking? parkLA (parking.blogging.la). There seem to be enough regular posts about this topic to warrant it.

  9. Come on Markland, be a man!! You could’ve called the guy on it right there. Instead you took a picture and whined. The simple solution of course is to pull up behind and just shove his little matchbox forward five feet.

    I’m guilty of parking a like a complete retard sometimes. I drive a old beast manufactured in a time when passenger mirrors were optional I guess. So add that to my already shakey approximations and am usually leaving an extra threee feet in front of me, unless I get out to check. Good to know there is one less person not willing to get in my face….

  10. Coffee Burt: I report the news, not make it.
    Granted, confronting the guy would have made for a more interesting blog entry. Me, out of shape pasty white guy, vs. shady looking dude in gang territory (or so I was told).

  11. Many folks on my street just paint white lines (little Ts) to delineate the desired spacing to help people out. It really seems to have helped.

  12. Man, I used to see this all the time at my old work and every time I saw it I thought I should blog about it. I am glad someone finally came forward on this issue. Kudos.

  13. This happens in my neighborhood all the time. I never thought of leaving a rude note but next time I am aimlessly circling my neighborhood looking for a parking space, a mean note I will leave.

    By the way, does anyone know how difficult it is to get permit parking on a street? My neighbor has at least 6-8 big trucks (I’m not exaggerating) and parks them all on the street! He has no consideration for anyone else.

  14. You need to contact the City of Los Angeles Parking Division, and I believe they’ll get you the info. Unsure of the whole process, but it involves getting a number of signatures from a majority of the residents on your street, plus it needs to go through some hearings. A neighbor was able to do this on the block I live in. It helped a little, but not much. If nothing else, it might make the situation a little more fair with regards to your pain in the ass neighbor. On the downside, its an inconvenience whenever you randomly want to have friends over.

  15. Oy. I was going to post about this a few weeks ago–even had the pic in my cell phone. Aaaaaand…forgot.

    I’d love to believe that notes, mean or nice, would make the difference, but in my experience, people who are this solipsistic would just get more ticked off and go home and kick the dog or something.

    But I do like the idea of public humiliation if done in a witty fashion. A nice laugh at the expense of an asshat is fine by me.

  16. If your street is posted for no vehicles over 6,000 pounds, just call parking enforcement. I did that for a yutz who kept parking his charter bus on our street. Two tickets and he stopped.

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