Do something nice! Here’s a suggestion, kiped directly from an email newsletter I get:

Friday and Saturday May 5th & 6th (9am-12 noon) is 17th Annual Great Los Angeles River
Clean Up, La Gran Limpieza, the largest Urban River Clean Up in the country!

More info here, and be sure to scroll down to “choose a river site.” Suggestions describe sections to be cleaned, like “Glendale Narrows – Fletcher Drive and Elysian Valley.”

The site tells all – where to go, what to bring, how to dress – the works.

And whether you clean up or not, be sure to be on the lookout for the
Great Blue Herons that fly back and forth between the LA River and Silver
Lake Reservoir (across our neighborhood every morning and evening).

2 thoughts on “LA RIVER CLEAN-UP MAY 5-6”

  1. Wats the address to LA Gran Limpieza The great los angeles river clean up on May 6?

  2. There are lots of sites – please follow the above link and SCROLL DOWN past the sponsors to the bottom of the page, where you get to select the area you want.

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