This is my song / My serenade

This is my song / My serenade (closeup)

Found in the grass along the road during a long walk with the poodle. It’s the back cover of a book, with writing on the inside. I think it’s excerpting a Sinatra song “This Is My Song” —

Love, this is my song, this is my song, my serenade to you
The world cannot be wrong, if in this world there is you…

I found this a few minutes after getting off the phone with Animal Control. Walking through a neighborhood, I had heard a woman’s voice telling what I figured was her kid to “come here” — but which turned out to be a puppy or small dog, as I saw looking into her back yard.

She had the dog by the throat, holding it down on the ground, and slapped it a few times. It squealed a little. “When I tell you to come here, you better come here!”

They disappeared behind the side of the house.

I was stunned, and kept walking along numbly. It was such a shocking thing to see, almost half a block went by before I came to my senses. I suspect I was trying to get my dog away from danger, without even consciously thinking about it. Going back briefly, I confirmed the address, then called Animal Control a few minutes later.

The man on the phone turned from near-officious to helpful in the time it took me to blurt out what happened, taking down all the details of what I’d seen. He took my name and number too, I guess in case he needed to get more info.

After I got off the phone, I felt myself welling with hatred for the human race. I glanced at each house as we walked past, wondering what abuses those walls were hiding. How many pets, children, spouses had been hurt behind those walls, with no one to see?

I care not what the world may say, without your love there is no day
So love, this is my song, this is my song, my serenade to you

Then my dog and I came across a small dumpsite hidden in some trees by the roadside. Half a plastic chaise longue, a metal file cabinet missing its drawers, other jetsam. And the back cover of a book with mostly unfamiliar writing, and this:

“This is my song / My serenade”

It’s a beautiful day outside in my little corner of SoCal, a little windy, not too warm.

How was yours?

3 thoughts on “This is my song / My serenade”

  1. Robert:

    You did a good thing. All too often, after responding to a situation of child/spousal abuse, we learn that the family pet or neighborhood animals were the earliest victims of physical abuse. Thankfully you had the presence of mind to have someone, in this case the City’s Department of Animal Services, look into the matter to more thoroughly determine the situation.


  2. I’m glad that you had luck with animal control. In my unfortunately frequent dealings with them I’ve found them to be the least effective and least responsive of all the local agencies with whom I’ve had to interact.

    Thanks for doing a good thing, btw.

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