The Dresden Dolls At The Virgin Megastore…


The Dresden Dolls‘ (MySpace) in-store appearance at the Virgin Megastore in Hollywood last Wednesday was quite memorable.

Drawing about 450 fans, Amanda mentioned that they had apparently drawn the largest crowd since Mariah Carey’s appearance in November. I had gotten the impression that the duo had an off-night at their performance the night before in San Diego, but they were certainly at 100% at the store, which seemed to be the consensus among the fans whose conversations I overheard afterwards.

The setlist:

  1. “Sex Changes”
  2. “Backstabber”
  3. “Missed Me”
  4. “Coin-Operated Boy”
  5. “Half-Jack”
  6. “Girl Anachronism”


I’m always impressed with how friendly Amanda and Brian are towards their fans, and this was certainly the case during their CD signing afterwards, as they happily obliged requests for hugs even though they were probably dead tired. But they were visibly excited to meet their fans, and I’m sure the giddiness of their sophomore album, Yes, Virginia, being released the day before had something to do with their enthusiasm as well.

Special thanks to Emily and Chip. And more photos here.