Freshly squeezed what?


I saw this sign over the weekend at Fred 62 on Vermont in Los Feliz. The really disappointing part was that the purportedly freshly-squeezed cake was indeed coffee cake and not lemon at all. Curses.

6 thoughts on “Freshly squeezed what?”

  1. Ive had that cake. quite good. I think they were just trying a new and inventive way of marketing an otherwise bland cake name.

    LEMON CAKE. they can do better How about “Lemon Sunshine CAKE” or “2 AM Drunken Munchies CAKE” or get in with the LA music scene and name it “Lemon Sun Cake”

  2. This blog is another staged example from the same 3 people on all of the other blog sites.

    Same words, same people behind it, same attempt to shape perception. Don’t be fooled.

    Many know already about the real reason he was fired. It had nothing to do with corps or political views.

    The truth will come out about Dicky.

  3. What does this have to do with miswritten signs about freshly squeezed cakes you mental patient?

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