Car crushing robot feast!

Fire, cars and destruction, who could ask for more? Except maybe more fire, airplanes and destruction!

Maybe you’ve seen SRL blow shit up. Or maybe you’ve been subjugated to one of Christian‘s shows. Maybe you’re just a fan of throwing the odd propane tank into a camp fire (I would never do that!), or maybe you are just a 15 year old boy at heart. If you pretended to destroy your hot wheels as a kid (I know I did) then you may want to check out Robosaurus, making an appearance at the Riverside Air show this weekend. I almost forgot to mention he has a flame thrower in his throat.

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4 thoughts on “Car crushing robot feast!”

  1. The riverside airshow is something different, without Robosaurus. The giant airshow this weekend (29/30) is NOT at the riverside municipal airport, but is at March ARB (off the 215, in between riverside and Moreno Valley).

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