Adios Circo Loco

El Circo Loco, our dancing friend who was a fixture on Sunset Blvd. for quite some time – has passed on. According to the bulletin we received, he passed on his sleep(peacefully) the day before yesterday. He will be missed.

3 thoughts on “Adios Circo Loco”

  1. I have been unable to confirm his demise nor any of the alleged circumstances of it, but indeed I have not seen “El Circo Loco” in the past several days and am heartbroken at the very thought of his passing.

    I last saw him in the middle of last week at the corner of Golden Gate and Sunset. He was seated and putting the final touches on his wardrobe while blowing his high pitched whistle in syncopation with the music coming from his boombox. Passing him I patted my fist over my heart at him and he smiled that squinty smile of his at me. The week before that I saw him pulling weeds from the auto repair place closer to Micheltorena.

    If he is indeed gone forever, he will be deeply missed.

  2. R.I.P. amigo…you were a person who embodied everything wonderful and surprising about not only Silver Lake, but also our world. May your dances last forever in that great big Sunset Junction in the sky.

  3. circo loco was a cool guy. i’ve known him for a bout 2-3 years already. he never bothered anyone or got in trouble. all he cared about was just dancing all day and night. i’ve took videos of him and gave him some money when he needed it. on thanksgiving, i would go find him at the fountain on sunset and griffith park blvd near the video market and give him turkey and mashed potatoes. that used to be his home until he was kicked out byt the city because they layed down grass and fixed it up..overall he was a cool dude..r.i.p

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