Ollie’s downtown

Ollie’s downtown

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We’re on our way to the second show and fellow travellers suggested we meet at Ollie’s downtown. In our quest to find the place, we ended up off skid row and little Portlander got a wee bit frightened. I had my foot on the gas the whole time.

Ollie’s was totally our scene with great cheap beer and a great vibe. We had two goblets of Miller High Life- the champagne of beer. Off to the show!

So, we’re headed to Pacifica tomorrow. Which is the best route? I5 or 101? Thanks.

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  1. The route depends on whether you want fast or fun and interesting. If you have time, take the 101. The 5 is a sucky drive — too much of it is 2-lane, bumper-to-bumper. I commuted for several months between Mountian View and LA and preffered the 101, even if it took a little longer.

  2. Mmmmm…. Old Style! Being a recent transplant from Chicago, I have GOT to find this place. Where is it exactly? multiple google searches have come up short…

  3. Went there once. It was waaaay dive-y. Sort fun. Really dirty, with lots of old beer advertising and wacky bartenders with odd outfits on. Super high ceiling, I wonder what the building used to be. Good luck parking around there.

  4. A little more useless info on that spot. Back in the 60’s-70’s the place was called the key-hole. If you look at the shape of the front entance you can see it’s still in a shape of a key-hole. Back then it would cater to all the single men living up on bunker hill. Back then bunker hill was full of victorian mansions that were built by the millionaire business men that had their shops down below on Hill/Broadway/Spring and Main Sts. By the 1960’s the mansions were pretty much sold to 3rd partys where they converted the houses to boarding rooms to single men. Bunker hill started to become a slum while downtown moved west to Wilshire Blvd. Any-hoot. The key hole eventually became a gay bar in the 70’s and was renamed “Score”. By the early 80’s till early 2000 the place was packed with Latino Gay Clientele. The owners who also own several bars and clubs around L.A. never invested money into this particular bar and sold it to the current owners(who are hetero). They changed the name to Bar 107.

  5. yeah, good luck parking around there — unless you’re not an idiot, and notice the giant honkin’ parking lot half a block away that is only about $4 after 4pm.

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