The Disneyland Tour of Downtown L.A.

This just in! There is ONE LAST CHANCE to take Charles Phoenix’s unique tour of downtown L.A.!

I highly recommend this tour. I took it a couple weekends ago, and had a fabulous time. I know downtown L.A. better than most Westside kids, and I still found myself in places that I didn’t know existed – and usually giggling while doing it, because Charles Phoenix is hilarious. It was somewhere between living history and a comedic commentary. Charles Phoenix also loves Los Angeles, and that comes through in every sentence, every word, every minute of the tour.

Go buy tickets now. I also promise a writeup on my experience, with photos, sometime this weekend, because I saw so many more angles and ways to look at downtown L.A. There’s another parallel with Disneyland, right there – I notice something new every time I visit either place.

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