Geeks Eat – Follow-up to BarCamp

Earlier this week LA Barcampers got together to continue the experience that was Barcamp. I saw lots of familiar faces and the table was a roar with talk and laughter. I’ve really missed interacting with tech folks since moving to LA. When I lived in the Bay Area I met with tech folks almost every night for fun and business. Here, there don’t seem to be many opportunities for tech folks to meet up. I’m hoping to change that and not just for weeks when E3 or Siggraph are in town.

If you’re interested in being part of LA’s blooming tech community, go check out the wiki and see how you can get involved.

It’s pretty amazing that many of the Silicon Valley companies have offices in LA or Santa Monica. Did you know that in addition to Yahoo! that Google and Oracle also have offices? And I’m sure there are a lot more, especially down by LAX.