Birdogging Hillary

CODEPINK Los Angeles has an action tonight against Hillary Clinton.

“What’s that?” you say, “political activist women who DON’T like Hillary?” Well, yes. We’re a little disappointed in her. She isn’t listening about the War in Iraq, and is more concerned with her 2008 bid than with adding her strong voice to the dissenters. I know that’s what politics is about, and I used to actually admire Hillary for her ambition and strength. But there’s a point where I believe conscience and the wishes of the people should override one’s political drive. She’s gone well past that point, and I think someone needs to remind her of that.

More info after the jump for the politically inclined, as well as info on a Monday night public discussion with Marcy Winograd and former UN weapons inspector Scott Ritter.

The action tonight in Beverly Hills is outside Reception for Sen. Hillary Clinton. She’s in town to raise more millions for her Presidential bid. Code Pink and other Peace groups are calling all peace people to remind Hillary that there’s a war on, and she needs to stand up against it. Hillary also refuses to support Feingold Censure of Big Brother Bush for Wiretapping.

For tonight’s Birddog Hillary action:
5:30 PM, 1740 Greenacres Drive, Bevery Hills
Contact: Tiffany(at) CodePinkAlert (dot) org

For those interested in attending Monday’s emergency public discussion about Iraq, Iran and America’s constitutional crisis:

Monday, May 1 (May Day)
7:30 PM to 9:30 PM
Cabrillo Marine Aquarium Auditorium
3720 Stephen White Drive, San Pedro
Suggested minimum donation: $10
All proceeds benefit Winograd for Congress
For more info call 310.305.1953 or visit

SCOTT RITTER was the UN top weapons inspector in Iraq between 1991 and 1998. Before working for the UN he served as an officer in the US Marines and as a ballistic missile advisor to General Schwarzkopf in the first Gulf war. He joins a growing list of grassroots supporters and internationally acclaimed experts who recognize the importance of Marcy Winograd in Congress.

MARCY WINOGRAD is President of Progressive Democrats of Los Angeles. MARCY is running for Congress to replace pro-war hawk, and see-no-Rendition Rep. Jane Harman in the 36th District. When elected, Winograd will vote to cut funding for the war in Iraq and bring the troops home now. “I am running for Congress with a great sense of urgency,” says Winograd, “because we stand on the precipice of losing our democracy and plunging the world into another war — this time in Iran. We must stop the next war before it happens.”

Winograd worked with Assemblyman Paul Koretz to draft a resolution calling for a moratorium on Depleted Uranium (U-237) in US weapons systems. Working with grassroots Democratic Clubs throughout the state, Winograd also crafted an anti-War resolution passed at the California Democratic Party convention last year. Winograd’s opponent, Jane Harman, sat on the House Intelligence Committee during the run-up to the war and ignored objections raised by intelligence analysts who said reports that Iraq had weapons of mass destruction were “highly dubious.” She also was part of Gang of Eight who heard from Bush about the worldwide CIA Torture prisons and did nothing.

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  1. Hillary represents the worst of the old line anything-to-win Democrats. She’s terrific as a Senator from NY, but the only person who’d make a worse Democratic presidential nominee in 2008 is John Kerry. Here’s wishing you a successful event.

  2. Jesus-fucking-Christ-on-a-stick. Why does every blogger think their politics matter? I mean, do you really think your insight is so rare in the internet you feel compelled to tell us? But I guess I understand because no one else is doing politics these days (ahem More LA LA please.

  3. Why do commenters think they get to dictate blog content? A blog is by nature the opinions of the blogger(s). Why shouldn’t that include politics?

    And, um, since the post is actually about a local event, your point is completely pointless.

  4. This is a local event, with LA people. Monday’s event is with a LOCAL CONGRESSIONAL CANDIDATE, who will be representing the people of Los Angeles, if elected. Both are highly relevant content to Los Angeles, in the opinion of me, the blogger, who wrote it. LA, last time I checked, was also still part of America. Thank you for your feedback, but it’s not applicable at this time.

  5. Nice try dipshit. Targeted? He was arrested in 2001, two years before the war. That Karl Rove guy, what a psychic! What’s next for you? Debunking the Holocaust by linking to a white supremacist site?

  6. Many of us on the left side of the spectrum suspected that Bush would revive his daddy’s war based on the pretext of weapons in Iraq. So rather than think of this smear campaign as being “two years before the war”, I think it would be better phrased as “a decade after the war that the then-newly elected President Bush II wanted to complete.” I bet you also think Medea Benjamin finances terrorism.

    And please don’t ever reference the Holocaust like that again in my hearing. That’s exceptionally disrespectful. Utilizing the ongoing tragedy of anti-Semetism to express your distaste for Indymedia is uncalled for. ESPECIALLY when Indymedia is one of the few non-corporate controlled sources, with nothing to gain from exposing this sort of propaganda.

  7. WESTWOODNC again misleads.

    I didn’t say anything about W’s war. Ritter was speaking out long before that. His tenure as a UN weapons inspector in Iraq was from 1991 to 1998.

    And rather than address the facts I presented about the case’s dismissal, you misinterpret my comments and then make repulsive references to the Holocaust.

    Like DB said…Class act!

  8. No problem. Thanks for sticking up for them (and me).

    There were actually plenty of mainstream sources I could have linked to, but as the publisher of News Corpse, I am compelled to favor alternative media.

  9. There’s a serious death of investigative journalism that makes most mainstream media into marketing campaigns rather than actual news, so I favor it quite a bit myself. I’m a big Democracy Now fan, too.

  10. I’m glad you’ve discovered indymedia and democracy now Jillian and Mark. Finally, news that you agree with.

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