Spelling apparently not featured on the Civil Service exam

I worship each and every person at my post office like a god, but even with all their good works, I just can’t look away from this:


Come on, it’s spelled correctly right there two inches away on the object just below your sign!

9 thoughts on “Spelling apparently not featured on the Civil Service exam”

  1. I see poor spelling and grammar all of the time and I’m always shocked. People don’t seem to think these things matter anymore. My first reaction is “immigrant” too, but sometimes it’s just “ignoramus”.

  2. I never said anything about immigrants – that’s pretty patronizing and rude. Stupidity and laziness – those characteristics are universal.

  3. My post office has fake letters to Santa Clause on the wall. I think it’s cute, but it is really distracting at the same time.

  4. Equating poor grammar with immigration status is 100% fucking stupid. Have either of you spent any time in middle America or the deep south? They’re both bastions of natural-born citizenry and offensively bad grammar. Likewise, one of the places that I most often notice shocking grammar mistakes is on NPR. In contrast, the person I know that puts the most effort into proper grammar and construction is also an immigrant who learned English starting at the age of 14.

    I’m with you when it comes to being dismayed by the increasing frequency of poor spelling and grammar, but turning this into an immigration issue is saying a lot more about your asshole quotient than it is about the language skills of immigrants.

  5. For the second time, this was never intended to be a post about the relative education levels of immigrants versus natural born US citizens.

    So don’t try to slap that stink on me.

    Spread it where it’s due but don’t put words in my mouth.

  6. Ruth, I was responding to Kneejerk and Derrick, not to you. I thought that was clear, but perhaps I should’ve made it more so.

  7. It was clear to me, but I’m not sure to the kind of (ahem) kneejerk nitwits who want to twist everyone’s words to suit their own sick agendas.

    But thanks, 5000!, for taking the time to clarify.

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