Sorry Walt, THIS is the Happiest Place


It’s no secret that LUSH Cosmetics finally made it to the US, and that lots of people know about it, but that certainly doesn’t diminish how perfectly goddamn delightful it is (to be sure).

Check out all these bath and skincare products! Everything is handmade, organic, sometimes even Vegan, and it all works and smells like nothing you’ve ever seen. The store can be pretty fragrance-intensive, but it’s worth braving.

Most soaps are in huge slabs,
so you can ask them to cut a hunk to whatever size you want. The Pasadena girls are super-nice, and will also cut you off a sample hunk of pretty much anything, which is great because you can go home and try it before laying down your life savings for something you won’t like.

(Of course don’t be a schnorrer – don’t ask for 15 samples without buying something!)

Some of my personal favorites:

Rock Star Soap/Creamy Candy Bubble Bar. THE SINGLE BEST fragrance on earth – like ground up pixies and giggles and sweet, sweet candy. Two delivery systems for the same intoxicating scent.

American Cream hair conditioner. Should one (ahem) color one’s hair, this stuff is utterly amazing at creating silky shiny deliciousness where once there was dull dead Barbie hair.

BIG shampoo. Not for any fake hair color other than blonde – lots of salts to strip out those reds and browns. But it’s GREAT in hard water if your hair isn’t colored.

Smitten. A hand cream that’s not disgusting or slimy. Put it on at night and wake up a hand model!

Store locations:

Beverly Hills
312 N. Beverly Drive
(310) 271-0880

24 E. Colorado Blvd
(626) 792-0901

Santa Monica
1404 Third Street Promenade
(310) 255-0030

5 thoughts on “Sorry Walt, THIS is the Happiest Place”

  1. Sorry – one bubble bar is good for one bath, and at six bucks a crack (and I DO mean CRACK) it’s still well worth the money. You crumble it under the running water and it makes a ton of bubbles. The tub-challenged can crumble a little in your hands and use it in the shower. In fact it lasts a lot longer this way.

  2. I love the girls at the Pasadena Lush! I’m displaced Pasdena resident in Minneapolis and always stop in there.

    Oh and about the bubble bars- use a pair of hose or stockings to get more bubbles. I tie mine around the spout and get far better bubbles than simply crumbling them.

  3. It turned out that we were extremely allergic to their products (too natural?!). We brought just about everything in bottles back even though we’d used everything a couple of times (just to see if we were really reacting to it) and they gave us store credit.

    Not sure what we were supposed to do with the store credit seeing as we’re allergic to everything, but whatever.

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