Get blazed by The Average Homeboy on 4/20

I’m not usually a fan of rap music (unless they’ve got songs called “Fuck tha Police”); in fact I stopped paying attention to that “music genre” altogether around 1995. But in life there’s an exception to every rule and in this case his name is none other than “The Average Homeboy“. I don’t know much about this champ, but I’m totally rooting for him and his blossoming music career. My hope is that someone from the music industry will see this post and immediately sign The Average Homeboy to a multi-million dollar record deal. LA is made of dreams. Watch his demo here and prepared to be motherfuckin’ blazed!
(video after the jump)

6 thoughts on “Get blazed by The Average Homeboy on 4/20”

  1. Attention!!
    D. Blaze himself, from “Average Homeboy” fame, is a personal acquaintence of mine and will be engaging in phone interview with me on 90.9 FM, WCDB, This Friday April 24, around 9:30. If you live outside of Albany NY, you can stream us easily if you have Windows media player. http://WCDB.ALBANY.EDU !!! TUNE IN! and spread the word, please!! I am not pulling your leg and I promise this will be worth a listen!!
    -Leon (DJ Kitchen)

  2. WTF was that? Your beat was made by a realistic keyboard from Radio shack with silly willy rappin skills. You make Vanilla Ice look and sound like TUPAC!

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