9 thoughts on “Gas $4.09/gallon in Beverly Hills!!!???”

  1. I’m thinking that if this was shot in Beverly Hills, it was at the Union 76 at Little Santa Monica Blvd. and N. Crescent Dr. I can’t believe people still pay for gas there. They’ve got to be selling crack to make up for lost revenue (that’s a joke, BTW).

  2. It’s full-service gas, not self-service. So that always costs more, like a buck more. That is why.

  3. Good point. I’d gotten so used to self-service gas stations that I’d forgotten that there are actually still full-service stations out there.

  4. Wow, I’m 38 and I fell old. I still remember the old days in Fresno at the Beacon gas stations. It was the early 70s just before the energy crunch. My mom would get the blue chip (or was that green) stamps, which you could redeem for items like dishes or towels. Somewhere along the line Arco got involved and my brother and I would covet the Noah’s Arc giveaways that Arco had a hand in. Bags of plasitc animals and you could save up for the arc. Anyone remember those?

  5. “4.049” not “4.09”

    I’ll dbl check today, but I’m pretty sure all pumps are like that. I know the big street signs list the prices as 4.04 9/10, hence 4.049

  6. Matt Drudge had this photo as the main page pic on his site today. Which is strange because it has nothing to do with Republicans OR Madonna (his second favorite thing).

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