Valets and the City

There have been quite a few posts about valet services on here over the last few years and most of them have been of the complaining sort. Cars getting messed up, things stolen, etc. One major issue is that these folks aren’t responsible for anything at all really, even if they park your car somewhere unsafe and it gets stolen – it’s not their problem. LA City Nerd brings up the discussion again and wants to know about what can be done on a city level:

This may be an issue frequent valet users may want to push before their elected officials. How difficult would it be to require each valet operator to register (no fee, so still fostering a business friendly City) and then also provide a parking plan for cars dropped off at each location they operate? Then, if they are using city streets as their main or overflow parking, they would (maybe) be assessed a fee per space used. They are making money off a public street and preventing regular citizens the option of parking two blocks away and walking. Additionally, collected monies for street-park valet cars could be used to enhance the impacted neighborhood, which often times adjacent to frustrated residential areas. This could be a win for the consumer, for the community, and for the business people of Los Angeles.