Local Starbucks/TMobile “throttling”?


As a freelancer working anywhere I can find wireless internet, I love the convenience and wide availability of TMobile equipped Starbucks. However, I’ve become grande suspicious that, at the very least, my two closest Starbucks are deliberately taking aims to keep people like me out of their stores.

The Starbucks at LaBrea and Sunset, for example, has intermittent problems where the wireless service drops occasionally for five to twenty minutes at a time. Sometimes all it takes is for me to reset my wireless card and relog in, but when this happens several times in an hour it is venti frustrating.

As for the Starbucks at Whitley Heights, their outlets almost always stop working thirty minutes to an hour after I plug in. If my laptop had a better battery, I wouldn’t care so much, but this usually restricts my time there. Add this to their lack of a public restroom, and the Whitley Heights Starbucks is practically useless for extended visits (although there’s a regular parade of hot girls that often makes it worth it).

I’ll reverve the rest of my gripe til after the jump…

I’ve been complaining to both Starbucks for close to a year now, and always get back seperate answers and results, from “Its TMobile’s fault” to “Yeah, that just started happening” (even though the problem’s been occurring for months and months).

While I can almost say I don’t blame them for wanting people to hang out in Starbucks for hours at a time, I DO blame them when I’m paying for a couple $4 lattes plus the $50/month wireless subscription I can’t use anywhere else. But at this point it certainly seems deliberate, especially since I’ve often heard others complaining as well.

Alright, I’m done griping. Anyone have experience with the McDonalds wireless set up?

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  1. Go to the Library, it’s free, we won’t harass you. Most LAPL branches have wireless now, and you can check different branches at lapl.org just to make sure.

  2. Have you hopped on the Starbucks website and sent in an e-mail to corporate?

    Having wifi is meant to encourage you to stay and work and to create that culture. I thought that was the whole point; it’s why they have plugs in the walls, so you’ll sit there and work. Honestly, I’ve read an article where Starbucks addressed this specifically.

    I mean, the library is a GREAT option, and there are some really nice ones to choose from, but they can’t make you a latte. :)

    Question, you really pay $50/month for wifi that’s not good anywhere but Starbucks?

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