It’s time to walk the lizard.


I ventured back to the hellish hell that is Washington Mutual today and on my way there from the office I ran into this man taking his lizard for a walk. Having forgotten my camera upstairs my coworker nabbed a photo. I don’t remember the lizard’s name, but I like to think it is named Barbara. Is lizard-walking a normal thing in your area? I’ve somehow missed the lizard-walkers up to this point. . .

Also, a quick up date on the Echo Park Jesus is Coming Lady and her signs along Wilshire. Either everyone really responded to that call to nab some fliers so I could put them online and just hasn’t sent me photos yet or someone went and took them all down already. Hmph. Stuffy K-town businessmen haven’t any sense of a good time.

One thought on “It’s time to walk the lizard.”

  1. Ben – I have photos of the “Jesus is Coming” fliers (several versions) that I took in Echo Park on April 8th. Contact me and I’ll e-mail them to you.

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