Indie 103 Nastygrams Little Radio Over Logo

OK, this is the craziest thing I’ve heard all day. Dave from Little Radio (where BarCamp was hosted) just posted a comment on this entry about Shepard Fairey hosting a show on Indie 103 stating that he just received a nastygram from Indie 103‘s lawyers about his logo saying it looked too much like theirs. Here’s the trick, Shepard designed them both. Here’s his full comment:

nav_logo.gifSo guys, INDIE is threatening to sue me. I own, which was originally a stab at Clear Channel’s illegal involvement with Indie. This is a paragraph from the certified letter I got:

“We have also discovered that Little Radio is using a logo or design mark that copies the design mark that is used by our client for it’s INDIE 103 radio station. Little Radio’s use of it’s confusingly similar logo aggravates the confusion of the public caused by your blatant infringement of our clients INDIE 103 mark. This use also illustrates Little Radio’s bad faith in registering and using domain name”.

As I’ve said all along, if Mark S. or anyone from Indie would have emailed or asked for the domain, I would’ve given to them at any time. I seriously could care less about it. I’m happy to give them the domain, though I think it’s total bullshit that they feel the need to strongarm me with threatening letters from lawyers in Chicago. Way to spend money guys!

As far as the logo dispute goes, considering that Shepard Fairey created both logos, and especially since Shepard was given no direction from me or anyone @ Little Radio about how the logo should look. INDIE 103 is threatening to sue me, basically, because Shepard stole from Shepard?? They should look at Shepard’s work and take note of his “style” not to be confused with their “mark”


They’ve given me till Friday to “cease” the use of my logo. Yea, okay.

LA’s Only True Independent, My Ass.

13 thoughts on “Indie 103 Nastygrams Little Radio Over Logo”

  1. At this rate, the people are going to have to show up on their doorstep with torches – first Dickie, now this…

  2. God, what the hell is up with Indie these days? They couldn’t maintain the veil of actually being a good station with unique content, entertaining DJs, and a sense of being about the music? Was it too difficult for them to keep up the act any longer so they had to let their true colors show?


  3. So, is Clear Channel suing him, or Entravision?

    Evidently, Indie will sue anyone else who tries to be independent.

    Where’s Chris Checkman when we need him?

  4. This reminds me of that porn site suicide girls. The owner keeps sending a lot of letters from their lawyers to people they feel are competing with their porn site. And this is just because they are threatened by having other goth, emo punk porn chicks on other sites besides their own. Pretty messed up I say. Yet, people will do anything out of fear of competition.

  5. Am I the only one glad that Dickie is off the air? He had great taste in music but was a HORRIBLE on-air person. Perhaps he’s better suited for a producer-type role. He’s most certainly better with a script (Kimmel) than ad-libbing. Look at Steve Jones for example- everyone I know found him completely painful to listen to at first, yet his wit and charm are soon understood. Dickie had no wit and no charm. NONE.
    The changes that have been occuring at the station indicate an impending demise. That would be a shame because it has been a savior to have an alternative to that shoddy K-Rock and something for the occasions when I need something harder that KCRW. Some of their shows- Joe Sib, Henry Rollins, the Red Zone- are amazing, and we Angelenos are lucky to have them. And where else can we get mashups? But senseless schlop like the Suicide Girls, the once-edgy Camp Freddy Radio, and the boring TK (yeah, man, we were all angry drunken punks once) make it like any other commercial station.
    And this newest bit regarding copyright? It sounds more like corporate muscling (ClearChannel) rather than a small Latin-owned franchise (Entrevision). Good luck, Shepard. Let’s hope principle wins over “independant” (corporate) greed!

  6. The end has already come…TK debuted the new Tool song last night. I promptly switched over to KXLU.

  7. If I were you, I would just change the color. What a bunch of wankers, releasing the hounds (lawyers) over this.

  8. I guess Indie must be planning on dropping a mean note to people like Virgin Megastore and the Black Eyed Peas as well.

  9. Pfft. It looks like Indy 103 is ripping off Aleksandr Rodchenko and the early Soviet Constructivists. The dollar dances on the asses of corporate punk rock!

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