The Plague! In LA! AHHHH!

No, really. Just found this story on Yahoo! News:

A case of bubonic plague has been reported in the second largest US city of Los Angeles for the first time in 22 years, health officials said.

An unidentified woman came down last week with symptoms of the disease, known as the Black Death when it devastatingly swept across Europe in the 14th century.

Health officials said they believed the infected woman, who remains hospitalised, was exposed to fleas in the area around her house and stressed that the likelihood of a spread of the rare disease was very unlikely.

6 thoughts on “The Plague! In LA! AHHHH!”

  1. I can recall not too long ago (1997? ’98?) when a section of Angeles National Forest had to be closed to the public because enough of the squirrel population was hosting the bubonic-carrying fleas.

  2. “the likelihood of a spread of the rare disease was very unlikely.”

    Yeah, that’s how it got the name THE PLAGUE….

  3. According to my college anthropology professor, people contract bubonic plague relatively often and don’t even know it. Espeically in the Southwest where it’s carried around by prairie dogs and other rodents. Since it’s no longer common or widespread, doctors will just prescribe antibiotics based on what are relatively common symptoms and it will clear up and nobody will ever stop to realize that they’ve just contracted the plague. Sure glad we don’t live in the 14th century anymore.

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