Stay Put!

The news about travel this summer isn’t good.

Gasoline is already at $3 a gallon.

There’s news that the ultra-convenience of the Burbank airport is eroding as they’re having trouble with parking volume which will only get worse this summer.

And don’t even think about LAX, as they’re grappling with staffing issues because of new hiring practices with the TSA (hey, lookin’ for a job?). I suppose you already know that any vacation that employs LAX is pretty much a downer from the start anyway.

Cruise ships? Well, I have a delicate tummy.

So, maybe I’ll just stay in town and pretend I’m a tourist.

6 thoughts on “Stay Put!”

  1. I’ve never understood why everyone hates on LAX so much (or LA for that matter). When reading that article, I could only think, I don’t go to a fuckin airport to shop or take a piss in a five-star bathroom. I go there to get on or off a plane, and that’s it. I can only think of one time I’ve been there when there were extraordinarily huge security lines, but other than that one time, it’s done that job just fine. Incidentally, the airport I’ve spent the most time in is the so-called “No. 2” Orlando international. I can’t see what’s so vastly different about the quality of these airports to put one at the top and the other at the bottom.

    LAX does seem to be associated with an abnormally large number of air disasters but then it gets tons of traffic. I’m not sure how the air disaster rates would compare there or if they are at all statistically significant anyway. I guess I’m just a utilitarian kind of person and LAX is a utilitarian kind of airport.

  2. Mr. Brownstone – I don’t hate LAX, though it is the worst airport that I frequent. The bathrooms are disgusting, and you have to admit that women are more sensitive to those issues. No, I don’t need to shop, but I do need to pee. And yes, I’ve been in some ridiculously long security lines during holidays that stretch all the way to the next terminal. My favorite airport at the moment is Pittsburgh – the bathrooms are clean/large, there are some good meal choices which are accessible to all because of the hub/spoke style of airport (instead of separate terminals). But security lines have been long there too (extending into the parking lot).

    That said, I haven’t experience nearly as many delays at LAX as I have at all other airports that I fly into … and that’s a pretty important accomplishment.

    I’m still not keen on making any vacation plans that include flying – it’s just not relaxing, it’s no way to start or end my time off.

  3. I don’t know why, but I really love LAX. I am just weird that way. I mean I love all airports, probably because when I go to one I know that I am about to go somewhere amazing…so I guess the association is made.

    I will be going to Croatia and Turkey this summer. Boh!

  4. Hm… I have never had an LAX problem, even during the Wednesday night Thanksgiving flyout with the Sunday return!

    Maybe it depends on the terminal?

    And I’ve never parked there… that’s what friends are for! :)

  5. What I will never understand about LAX is how they can have flights departing at 1:30am, yet have no retail or restaurant establishments open. How am I supposed to get my pre-flight overpriced food, drink & merchandise if they cannot accomodate all travelers? Not being able to buy needed Tylenol, socks to stuff in babes’ mouths, etc, before a flight is absolutely maddening!

    And what happened to Burbank airport? I flew out of there 2 years ago and was awed with the ease and pleasantry of the experience. But when I flew out of there this winter, it seemed as if the self-parkers have been exiled. There is now a valet parking lot that blocks pedestrian traffic from the economy lot, giving passengers the option of standing in a barren lot for 30 minutes with the hope of flagging down a shuttle, OR paying LAX prices to valet their vehicle. It’s a shame to see the convenience melt away…
    And to those willing to walk through the valet lot, be warned: I walked through the open parking lot (that had no signs limiting entry) and got verbally assaulted by the nighttime lot “supervisor.” He scared the bejeezus out of me and I didn’t know if he was an employee or a sexual predator. Watch your back in that deserted parking lot!

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