It’s Been A Bad Day, Please Don’t Take My Picture

I just realized that this is the second post in a row I’ve done using mid-90s artist song lyrics as a subject. Bonus points to the intrepid GenXers who can tell me both songs & artists. Actually – guess both and I’ll send you a copy of my “Stuff I Listened To In 1994” mix CD. Post your replies in comments with your correct email.

The point of this post, however, was not for me to hand out my High Fidelityesque mix CDs, but actually about something I caught over on just now – about a new video game called Bad Day L.A. It’s debuting at E3, according to Mack, so those of you going should check it out – and then be sure and discuss it at the Gathering of the Blogerati at the Golden Gopher on the 9th.

I think it’s hilarious that there’s a game about the destruction of Los Angeles. Because I didn’t think about how much media covers the destruction of the city until I saw Los Angeles Plays Itself in 2004. America just loves seeing Los Angeles destroyed (Earthquake, Day after Tomorrow, Independence Day) – or turned into a post-nuclear dystopia (Bladerunner, T2, Omega Man). The image L.A.’s presented to the world inspires a love/hate reaction in the American audience, and they just love seeing this city trashed! I’m surprised that a game like this wasn’t out already to capitalize on that!

Anyways. With the 100th of the SFQuake today, let’s all cross our fingers and hope for an extension on our good luck in avoiding disasters – man made or natural – to date. Or just make sure that we have emergency kits stocked.

10 thoughts on “It’s Been A Bad Day, Please Don’t Take My Picture”

  1. I’m pretty sure it’s Bad Day by REM and Past The Mission by Tori Amos.
    Only eleven days to Coachella, whoo-hoo.

  2. I’ll send you both mix CDs anyways if you email me your addresses (my address is linked in this post & on my profile)

    nice work though – and I’m jealous you’re going to Coachella, Ric :P

  3. I purchased four extra tkts on spec to the Sunday April 30th show at $100-a-pop back on March 1st when they announced that Madonna was appearing as a one-off just before her massive tour. Lord Love A Duck, it’s not even sold out yet. Frickin’ Radiohead caused a sellout two years ago by this time…what gives?

    Go ahead and cry for me, Argentina.

  4. to be concise, i think that REM song didn’t actually come out until like 2002 or 2003. it’s not that old.

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