100 Years Ago Today…


…Our friends a little north in San Francisco got hit by a 7.9 earthquake that pretty much wrecked the town. I was in SF last week and there’s a lot of talk about this alll over the place including some fantastic displays of news photos from the days following the quake. As you can imagine there’s all kinds of things going on there today for the anniversary like the Golden Hydrant Painting Celebration which Jason DeFillippo at our SF blog went to this morning (and took that photo). He and some of the other folks at Metroblogging San Francisco will be posting more photos and coverage of today’s events if you want to check it out. Some more notable links have been compiled by LA Observed who reccomends: Greatquake Main page, Another 7.9 on the San Andreas would be much worse, Image Galleries, Newsreel footage, USGS page on the 1906 quake, The last 7.9 quake in Southern California, and Putting Down Roots in Earthquake Country.

UPDATE: Doc posts some great photos and stories.