The Inland Empire

The LA Times ran a story yesterday about the LA dream moving east into the Inland Empire.

The region, often seen as a manufacturing and transportation hub, with less-expensive homes for those willing to commute to Los Angeles and Orange counties, is rapidly moving beyond its blue-collar roots into a more urbane future.

Increasingly, Western Riverside and San Bernardino counties are featuring the type of upscale houses, stores and entertainment long found in Los Angeles and other coastal enclaves. White-collar professionals such as Entner are finding attractive jobs there, no longer commuting westward. Tall office buildings are sprouting, along with more $1-million-plus homes.

I’ve had several family members move from East LA to the IE, but I still make fun of the place… especially when I see a rooster wandering around a Union 76 gas station off of Euclid Avenue in Ontario.

7 thoughts on “The Inland Empire”

  1. Heh. I’ve lived in LA County my whole life. This was the first time I’ve ever seen a rooster or chicken wandering around outside of a residential area.

  2. The jewels of Riverside County are the cities of Murrieta and Temecula. I invite people to visit and enjoy the warm sun and beautiful evenings.

  3. My parents have lived in the IE practically since they emigrated to this country in the late 60s. Back then it was all cute houses and with little fences and trimmed lawns, surrounded by orange groves or vineyards. Now it’s pink stucco housing developments as far as the eye can see.

    I moved out as soon as I could. As generally peaceful as it is, cities like Ontario & Chino Hills are on a rampage to cover any inch of open land with asphalt, an Applebees, a RiteAid, and a WalMart.

  4. My father’s family are Los Angeles natives. My parents were offered to buy a house in Silverlake (near Rowena) in the late ’60s but my mother wanted to move to Riverside. One of her biggest mistake!I recently moved back to
    LA and remind my mother how the entire Inland Empire is crappy area

  5. A rooster is pretty good, but early one fine morning last summer I saw un caballero riding his horse across a freeway overpass in the industrial park on the border of Fontana and Ontario. It was about 6:15am or so, and there weren’t too many cars out… that’s either a great way to start the day, or an even better way to commute. The strangest part was that neither the horse nor the cowboy acted like it was anything unusual. I wish I’d had my camera with me!

    Having more or less grown up in Riverside (and having driven in to LA at least 2 or 3 times a month since I turned 16 in ’96), I think it’s a great place – it’s similar to how I hear Silverlake was before it became a hipster mecca. Riverside’s got a mix of everything in close proximity… and, like Vence or Silverlake used to be back in the days that everyone currently romanticizes, if you want to experience something fun or creative, chances are you’ve got to instigate it yourself.

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