Rock, Paper, Scissors – Rumble Under the 1st St. Bridge!


I dropped by RPS4 (that’s rock, paper, scissors for those of you who aren’t in the know) under the 1st St. Bridge last Friday. The event was put on by Party Scammers, an affable group of kids who’ve also hosted parties like Tetris Tournaments, “My 8-Year Old Birthday,” “Don’t Drink & Draw,” “The Lip-Synch Big Stink” and more. What I saw was some hott hott RPS action (and Kennedy played too!) Though, apparently as RPS becomes more and more “commercial,” Party Scammers isn’t quite so enthused about following along. I mean, what fun is an RPS party when all the frat-boys are playing along too? Hopefully, we’ll see RPS 5, one giant RPS BLOWOUT, before Rock, Paper, Scissors gets as big as Baseketball.

Hip hop past the jump for one more image that may or may not actually be worth your time.


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