Principal Forces Students to Piss In Buckets – School District Says “An Honest Mistake”

worthington_high.jpgI’d heard rumors that some schools were not allowing students to use restrooms during some recent walkouts. Alas, its true – Worthington Elementary School in Inglewood placed students under a lockdown that only allowed them to relieve themselves in buckets placed behind their teacher’s desks.

Please, take a moment to absorb the situation. Because it sort of gets worse.

Principal Angie Marquez, who ordered this measure, claims she accidentally misread the school district handbook and imposed lockdown restrictions reserved for case of nuclear attack.

Shockingly, it even gets worse. The school district is defending him by saying that it was “an honest mistake” and that Principal Juarez was merely “following procedure.”

“The principal told us we had to use the bucket for the toilet because something bad was happening outside, but our teacher said no,” said Esmerelda Lopez, a fourth-grader.

(source: LA Times… image from the Worthington Elementary School website)

3 thoughts on “Principal Forces Students to Piss In Buckets – School District Says “An Honest Mistake””

  1. I think the best part of this story is that it happened at an ELEMENTARY school. For god’s sake, do 8 year olds walk out that much?

  2. “When there’s a nuclear attack, that’s when buckets are used,” Brown said. The principal “followed procedure. She made a decision to follow the handbook. She just misread it.”

    You’d think the handbook would be more clearly marked for cases of nuclear attacks.

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