Past The Mission

I actually picked up on this via Sha in L.A. five minutes before I did off Franklin Ave, but L.A. is turning 225 this year! And, as blog comment superstar councilman Eric Garcetti was superquick to inform us, there’s going to be a party. A party where things will be very historical, at that, because people will be walking from the San Gabriel Mission to where the City was founded – which, I’m assuming, is by Olvera Street. That makes it a total of ten miles, a good morning’s walk. Since I love exploring the city outside of a car, I’m totally in!

EDIT: As one of the commenters reminded me, I totally forgot to add the date/time on the original post. It’s Monday, September 4th, 2006, at 6am, at the Mission.

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  1. For those who can’t be bothered to go over to Shannon’s very lovely site, the actual date for this event is Monday, September 4th at … oh my god! It’s at six in the morning. Can people actually walk that early? Am I embarrassing myself?

  2. I’m open to suggestions from the blogosphere, and will coordinate with the mayor, Councilmember Huizar (who represents Olvera Street), Councilmember LaBonge (LA’s biggest cheerleader) to make this a special anniversary. With more than a few months to plan it, let me know what you’d like to see…

  3. How about a block party in downtown? I think that would rock! We need to have some free / non-corporate sponsor-fest block parties in Downtown Los Angeles.

  4. That would be so awesome! This is definitely a great chance to really get people connected. Maybe we could use the Site Formerly Known As The Not A Cornfield?

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