Okay, I’ll bite – what is this?

Seen a few of these billboards around town. This one is on Brand in Glendale.


Anyone taking responsibility?

Hard to see in the phonecam shot but the billboard is all black with white writing. Between the numerals is an upside down cross (just the shape, not elaborate), and under it is the text, “THE SIGNS ARE ALL AROUND YOU.”


14 thoughts on “Okay, I’ll bite – what is this?”

  1. It’s for the remake of The Omen, which is in theaters on June 6. Apparently someone called ina “terrorist threat” when a plane flew an ad similar to the billboards (can’t remember where offhand).

  2. Although the upside down crosses don’t appear between the numerals, they DO appear at the end of the teaser trailer of Fox’s The Omen. However, the international trailer doesn’t display upside down crosses, but instead shows right side up crosses.

    It’s also interesting to note the phrase on the billboard (“The signs are all around you”) is different from the movie’s (“His Day Will Come”)

    Also, the film will be released on that date.

    I’m guessing it’s Fox, but I could be wrong.

  3. I’d figured that since June 6th was a Tuesday that it was a CD or DVD release, but I guess it’s too good to pass up the opportunity to release a horror movie on that day…

  4. its a longshot (and kinda tech geeky), but AMD is supposed to be announcing their new processors on that day. like a said, its a longshot…

  5. Just a guess, but I know Ann Coulter’s new book ‘Liberals Are Satan’s Spawn’ (or some such crap) is intentionally being released that day (get it, liberals=evil, har). Given their common values, maybe ClearChannel cut her publisher a deal. Wait, maybe ClearChannel is her publisher… I can’t tell anymore…

  6. This is some crazy crap who ever is christan here I have a strong feeling the something bad is going to happen that day 666 you know devil worshiper love this day.
    dont let this scare you God is with you!

  7. Quick question for Cyndi:

    If God is with us then why has he forsaken us with hugely high oil prices, rising sea levels, possible nuclear war and an incompetent, law-breaking president?

    More than that, if God is with us, why has he not smote our enemies with his righteous vengeance as he promised? Tel Aviv just got hit with another suicide bomber, you’d think God could have given him a brain hemorrhage or something.

    I’m not saying there is no God, I’m just saying it’s silly to claim that he’s with us when we’ve been hit with nothing but problems pretty much continuously since America re-elected George Bush. Of course, a lot of that could be solved if God would just give us some more oil.

    Seems to me that we don’t even need to wait for June 6.

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