Crazy Lady predicts Jesus’ return! (again)


Remember all those fliers that said Jesus was gonna show up at Echo Park and throw some mad hurt on the world? Well, the woman who was distributing those signs is back at it. I saw her taping them up all down Wilshire just west of Western on my way to the bank today (that is a story for tomorrow, does anyone else want to burn down a Washington Mutual with me?) There were at least three different signs that she was taping up. If anyone can grab one and send it to us or get it posted somehow that would be rad! I grabbed one and I was gonna read more about the latest second-coming and report but it must’ve slipped out of my pocket at the bank. Whoops. The shot above is a composite of two images I shot as she crossed Harvard on Wilshire going about her mission. What does she have in store for LA this time?

10 thoughts on “Crazy Lady predicts Jesus’ return! (again)”

  1. i think she is totally good-natured. i’m glad she is out there trying to do. . . something.

  2. I’d like to see that. I work for a Christian radio network in Northern California and the president of the network is saying that we are now in the great tribulation and that Jesus is returning in 2011. :-P

    I think he’s full of it, but he has quite a following all over the country.

  3. Hex – hullo? it’s a woman … God usually lets the women in on the big news first. (I’m not sure what rules this woman is breaking by passing along the big secret though.)

  4. good point cybele! its like in lord of the rings when the nazgul king says “no man shall slay me!” and then Eowyn goes, “but i am woman!” and slays him. classic.

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