An Unexpected Houseguest.

this is a baby skunk. . .in my kitchen.

I’ve got an unexpected houseguest. My housemate found an abandoned itty-bitty baby skunk today and my neighbor decided to take care of it until she could take it to some sort of shelter tomorrow. Her husband was not feeling that at all so she and the housemate decided to house it in my kitchen overnight. I don’t foresee any problems (and damn, this little guy is cute) but please, someone tell me this isn’t a horrible horrible idea.

10 thoughts on “An Unexpected Houseguest.”

  1. It’s not a bad idea, but make sure you get your little friend checked out by a vet. Skunks are big carriers of rabies – which all the tomatos in the world won’t get out of you.

  2. Adorable yes and admirable in attempting to care for it, but it’s basically a legal no-no to capture and keep wildlife. You should really get it to a facility where it can be checked out and raised and released. Two of the more prominent rehabilitation centers are Wildlife Waystation above Sunland/Tujunga ( and the California Wildlife Center ( in Malibu.

  3. it only stays in the kitchen, wrapped up in an electric blanket in a box until a bit later this morning at which point it goes to one of the aforementioned wildlife centers. when the still struggling to survive skunk was found it was too late to take it there.

  4. Wildlife Waystation has the bigger name (and is probably closer to you) but I’ve been very impressed with the support and response I’ve found bringing critters to the California Wildlife Center.

  5. Nature’s most adorable creature! Lucky you for getting to have one, however briefly.

    Give it a good snuggle for me before you send it on to the Wildlife Center – they know how best to care for it.

  6. Awww, such a cutie!

    I’m sure that a baby this small prolly can’t stir up quite the stink (har) that a grown animal could.

    We hope.

    Then again, it’s prolly terrified, especially when you found it, so if it didn’t spray then, you’re golden.

    One would hope.

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