ALIAS – the Beginning of the End


This Wednesday is the beginning of the end of my favorite show on television, Alias. Alias is the spy show by tv master-mind JJ Abrams that has just enough campy elements to make it one of the most fun shows evern to watch. What other show utilizes Los Angeles so much as a subsitute for the rest of the world – remember the Russian club that was really the Biltmore? Or how about the time Marshall dug Sydney out of a grave in Cuba but it was really Hollywood Forever? Or the time that Sydney visited David Cronenberg to get her memory back – I think was supposed to be Poland but it was actually downtown. Fabulous! And while I’m crying on the inside that the end is near, I know that they’ll be ending the show with a bang (and of course I hope that is a literal bang of explosions!).

In the two-hour return event, featuring the episodes “S.O.S.” and “Maternal Instinct,” Jack calls on former Agent Weiss and the APO team to search for Sydney after receiving a distress call from her. But Jack believes that a larger conspiracy may be in play, thwarting their attempts to rescue her. Meanwhile, Tom’s suspicious actions may suggest he has a hidden agenda, Irina Derevko is a surprise partner to Jack and a very pregnant Sydney on a mission to retrieve “The Horizon” – but her allegiances still remain in question — and Sloane is forced to scramble when Devlin suspects a mole is working inside APO.

Anyway, some say that Alias jumped the shark on season four which, I’ll admit, it needed more Rambaldi but it did have zombies so, what are you gonna do? And when they killed off Vaughn in the beginning of season five I thought it was truly over. But I still adored it anyway. And now it’s the beginning of the last few episodes that rounds out the entire series. According to E!’s TV columnist Watch with Kristin (click here too), the last shows are made for Alias lovers – that means more prophecies, more Spy-mommy Leno Olin, and, baby jesus please, Michael Vaughn lives! It’s starts off with a two-hour event this Wednesday at 8pm on ABC.

*Free advice to all the TV execs reading do an Alias spin-off show featuring Sark. He’s a well-rounded character who can get into all sorts of trouble while battling between good and bad and still lovin’ the ladies.

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  1. I saw some of the first season episodes, but immediately lost interest. Also, having a ridiculously retarded itunes playlist and carrying around afleck’s kid doesn’t make the show’s star highly likable.

    Anyways, I’m sorry for your loss.

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